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The Technology Trap – How Jobs and Technology Combine

Technology in Sports
We have already noticed football teams going to straight analytics ignoring the tape, looking at numbers instead. Will scouts eventually be replaced by computers?

A few years ago, the author of The Technology Trap, Frey and his colleague at Oxford, Michael Osborne conclude that nearly 50% of Jobs in the U.S can become automated and performed by robots and AI. In The Technology Trap they detailed what has happened historically when jobs were at risk of being lost to technology.

This long book includes a history of the technology of the 1700’s to now. Readers say that these chapters are reminiscent Robert Gordon’s book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth. However, the best parts of the book reflect on how jobs and technology combined historically.

In any case we can come to the conclusion that most job titles change with the tides of technology. Humans need to learn new advancements every day in order to survive in every job market. Technology changes the way we shop, how we communicate, entertainment, banking, even websites like Casino 888 كازينو 888 where we play casino games and bet real money online.

The Technology Trap – Key Talking Points

There are a few key points in The Technology Trap that resonate with people nowadays. Some are based on historical context and most are still relevant today. And they will probably continue to be relevant a hundred years from now.

One main distinction about technology is whether or not it helps employees perform their jobs more efficiently, and promotes productivity, or if they stand the risk of being eliminated because of it. For example, self checkouts which can eliminate 90% of cashier positions in a grocery store, is an example of technology working against the common worker.

However, in some cases technology can save lives without eliminating the needs of higher skilled people, like doctors. One example would be pattern recognition software which can recognized certain forms of skin cancer.

In the past there has always been disputes and fear about technology replacing the need for human labor. Take the industrial revolution for example, workers were wary of new technology that seemed like it would put them out of work. Additionally, because factor owners feared that work riots and rebellion would lead to them to shut down. Which further proved that no matter what, human intelligence and labor is a necessity.

Technology in History

During the 1800’s it might shock you that over 50% of factory workers were children. The technology in factories at that time made processes so simple that even children were able to work, producing textiles and more.

During the second industrial revolution, which began around the 1970s the outlook was different. At that time automobiles, electricity and mass production arrived. However, at this time workers had started to see benefits from the first revolution, and it was met with more acceptance.

Workers started to see how technology could help them instead of replacing them. The standard of living started to improve for the middle class and income inequality decreased.

Frey believes that the trend of AI and robot technology will continue and jobs that require very little education are the ones at risk for complete automation. Only time will tell, but perhaps we don’t have to worry that robot technology will ever replace human skills.

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