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5 Upgrades Every Man Cave Could Use

Football season may be over but that doesn’t mean that it is time to get to all those chores around your house or spend time with your family. No, the offseason is a perfect time to work on your Man Cave and get it tricked out and ready for next season. You don’t have to wait though either. If you jump on these fast enough, you can have it ready to kick back and watch the NFL Draft in comfort in your Man Cave in late April. Here are 5 offseason upgrades that every Man Cave could use.


Unless you are creating your Man Cave from scratch, chances are you already have some kind of seating. If this seating includes things like folding chairs or the cooler you keep the beer in, you need a MAJOR upgrade. If you at least have an old couch, you need a smaller upgrade but an upgrade nonetheless. The couch is the centerpiece and no less than the second most important part – you can make an argument TV is #1 – of your Man Cave.

The most important part of choosing seating for your Man Cave is comfort, followed by making room for as many seats as possible. Big, comfy recliners are great but they take up a lot of space and only sit one person. If that’s all you want to be able to sit, then a recliner it is. If not, you will need a couch.

A wraparound sectional is great because it creates more space for people while maximizing your space in the room. You will also want to consider the material. Leather, polyester, and natural fibers all make for good Man Cave material but you may want to consider microfiber as it is easier to clean up spilled beer and nacho cheeses from. To pull it all together, a microfiber sectional with built-in recliner footrests is the ideal Man Cave Couch. Don’t skip the ottoman either!

A Ping Pong Table 

Unfortunately, live sporting events are not on TV 24/7/365 so you will have to think of other activities to pass the time down in your Man Cave. One great activity that takes all the fun and drinking and trash-talking and competition of watching sports and puts it right into your space is ping pong.

With a great ping pong table in your Man Cave, you and your buddies will have a great way to pass the time during the offseason or between games. You can bat the ball around for fun or get into some serious competitions for ultimate bragging rights. You can even gamble on your friends playing! What’s better than that?

There are a lot of ping pong tables on the market and picking the one that is best for you and your Man Cave can be difficult. You want to take space into consideration as well as how serious the games are going to be. These factors will determine what size and level of sturdiness and features you need. To help with your decision, Giftwits offers a ranking and reviews of the best ping pong tables on the market today.


By nature, Man Caves usually are not huge spaces. They are carved out of basements, garages, sheds, or spare rooms. Because of this fact, most Man Caves probably do not have room for a huge, surround sound speaker system with large speakers. That is why a soundbar is a perfect upgrade for your Man Cave.

A soundbar is a small, sleek, speaker that sits or is mounted below your TV. It is a purposely small package but the sound that it produces is huge. The long devices are home to multiple speakers that produce a stereo or surround sound effect right in your Man Cave. You will be amazed at the sound capabilities and now, you can even find soundbars with streaming video technology in it.

When you install a soundbar, it will take your game-watching to the next level. The amount to real-life stadium sound that comes out of it will truly amazing you and your friends. In addition to sports, a soundbar will enhance all your other media experiences in your Man Cave as well. They bring a new level of depth to movies and TV shows and can help create an incredibly immersive atmosphere for gaming. Don’t overlook the sound aspect of your man Cave viewing experience.

A Bar 

Every Man Cave needs a proper bar. We’re not talking about a mini-fridge with a few craft beers stuffed in it either. To be able to call your space a Man Cave, you need to upgrade to a legit bar where you and your friends are happy to come and have a drink.

The bar structure itself needs two things. You need to have a physical bar and bar chairs. If you are handy, or have a friend who is and will work for free drinks come football season, bars are simple enough that you can make one yourself. For the rest of us, paying a contractor may be the best idea or there are plenty of pre-made home bars you can find online. The seat at the bar is important too. If space is an issue, stools are fine but springing for bar seats with backs will take your Man Cave bar to the next level.

Once you have your bar built and ready to go, you need to stock it properly. This means not only your favorite drinks but a range of staple equipment and spirits to be able to mix a great cocktail for anyone who may stop by. If you can’t mix your visiting brother-in-law as perfect Manhattan on football Sunday, your Man Cave bar is not properly stocked.

A Master Remote

To truly become the Master of Your Man Cave, you need a master remote control. Any good Man Cave should have multiple devices that allow you to watch sports, put on some music, play video games, and more. The problem with this setup is that all these devices come with different remote controls. This is annoying and the remotes can end up lost. Enter, the master remote.

A great master remote will allow you to be in full control of all your gadgets whether you are tending bar or sitting shotgun on your super-comfy couch. There should never be a need to leave your seat in your Man Cave and there should never be an occasion where you have to search for the right remote to get a job done. This is why a master remote makes so much sense.


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