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Who are the Five best remaining free agents available?

Free Agency in 2020 is getting crushed by the coronavirus. It has been the slowest free agency I can remember, the moves are falling through on some ends, there were more trades than normal and there are still some studs out there who could come in and contribute right now. Let’s look at the five best free agents available, and pick a team that should sign them.

Jadeveon Clowney, DE – It is very clear that Clowney is the best pass rusher available, and while I feel he is worth a nice pay check, I am not sure he is worth 20 million like many reports claim he wants. I feel Clowney can be a great addition but without teams being able to check his medical past he will not get the huge contract he is expecting. I would not be shocked if he waits until after the draft to sign, just hoping the NFL will be back to normal so he can collect his pay day. If he becomes impatient, I can see the Seahawks re-signing him quickly, because they know his medical record. They will just wait to see if they can get him at a bargain price. At this point, I think Clowney re-signs with the Seahawks.

Cam Newton, QB – I feel that whatever team signs Cam Newton is going to get a pissed off Cam. This maybe the best version of Cam you can get. I am a fan of Cam Newton and I am shocked that one team in Florida does not sign him. Cam Newton deserves to be on a roster, and I feel he needs to go to Miami. I love Ryan Fitzpatrick, but Cam Newton is a dog. I think Cam Newton could go to Miami right now, and hold it down until their draft pick is ready. He can sign a one year deal and spot start until the rookie is ready. This allows Cam a chance to gather some new film since his injury and allows the Dolphins to transition their rookie into the NFL.

Rashard Higgins, WR – I do not care what NFL teams or fans say, this kid was the best pure catcher on the Browns roster last year and they did not use him correctly. Right now so many teams have signed wide receivers that he could have a hard time finding a home. I still think he can be a number 2 wide receiver in the NFL and the Colts look like a great option. I like Zach Pascall, but I feel Hollywood is a better wide out than him. Higgins does not add much Special Teams value, but he is a stud wide out at this point.

Jameis Winston, QB – James Winston is a gamer, he throws the ball quite a bit. He was the NFL’s passing leader last year and he is without a job right now. I think he needs to be on a team, and I feel the New Orleans Saints would be a great option for Jameis. I know they have Drew Brees and Taysom Hill who they like but I think they need a true back-up. Last year, Bridgewater helped them win when Brees went down and God-forbid if Brees is injured again, you cannot rely on Taysom Hill to lead you.

Tony Jefferson, S – I cannot believe that TJeff is still without a team. I love Tony Jefferson, the kid is a gamer and one of the best safeties in the game. He can come in right now and make plays. The Minnesota Vikings are a team that come to mind. They currently have two safeties on their roster and I feel Jefferson is just as good if not better than both of them. I think Anthony Harris will be dealt by the Vikings, and if he is they need a quick replacement. Jefferson is a guy that can come in and start from day one.


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