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NFL should re-create NFL Europe instead of having a team in London

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NFL Owners would like to make a developmental league in the NFL, and several owners and even Troy Vincent touched on the subject, but why don’t the NFL just recreated NFL Europe?

The NFL wants to bring a team to London, but they have tons of problems with the schedule and what not, so they should just let the players sitting at home get another opportunity.  The Owners are even on board for a developmental league.

“It’s been a long time since we looked at (a developmental league), almost back to (the demise of) NFL Europe, and when we looked at the value of NFL Europe,” Atlanta Falcons president and CEO Rich McKay said, via CBS Sports. “What we saw in NFL Europe was it definitely had an impact in (developing) some linemen and it definitely had an impact on (developing) officials.”

Dallas Cowboys CEO Stephen Jones also talked about it.

“It is a concept that could check all of those boxes we often talk about — diversity, officiating, developing coaches, player development, experimenting with rules and technology,” Jones said. “It’s something we have to start to seriously look at within the competition committee and then discuss with the NFLPA. We’ve reached a point where we really should be looking more at a developmental league, and I really expect that to begin here in the next year or so.”

Troy Vincent also had these comments

“In short, we believe further development of the vast pool of football talent is imperative to the future, and we are considering ways to do that economically and effectively, not only for players, but also coaches, trainers, officials and every aspect of the football universe, Vincent said. “Their input is important in this development phase.”


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