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Wes Welker is still unsure on his future; Pondering retirement, but it is not that easy

Giants are working out Wes Welker today
Wes Welker is not ready to give up just yet

When you love something it is hard to let it go. Wes Welker has a passion for football and while he has not been very impressive over the past couple years the former Patriots wide out has been trying to come up with a plan on his future. Could he retire or not?

“That’s kind of the million dollar question right now in trying to figuring that out,” Welker said Wednesday on “NFL Total Access” on whether he’s going to retire. “I think I’m weighing my options and really trying to figure out where to go with life next.

“But there are some days I wake up and I’m like ‘OK, I’m done.’ And other days I wake up and I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe one more year.’ But I’m trying not to rush into any decision but at the same time, know that and prepare myself for not playing.”

Welker has suffered several concussions and while that does come into play, Welker is still fired up. 

“They definitely factor in,” Welker, who’s been with five different teams in his 12-year career, told the NFL Network. “Especially when you start having kids and having your family and everything. A lot of those things come into play and you start thinking about the future down the road.”


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