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4/20 is today’s date and guess what starts today? NFL’s Random Drug Testing Program Starts

Today the NFL begins testing for drugs
Today the NFL begins testing for drugs. Cmon NFL, we get it 4/20

We all know what 4/20 means, because we all have been in school with that stoner in class that is like haha, it is 4:20. So how did 4/20 get associated? This excerpt from Money Watch will help you better understand:

April 20 first became associated with marijuana counterculture in the early 1990s, according to Matt Stang, chief revenue officer at cannabis culture magazine High Times. The number 420 had become popular at Grateful Dead concerts after a group of high-school students — referred to as “The Waldos” — in California gained notoriety for meeting at 4:20 p.m. to search for an alleged marijuana grow in the 1970s. When a music editor at High Times attended a Grateful Dead concert and noticed the number posted all around the venue, the magazine adopted it and ran with it, Stang says, even registering for the domain name in the late 1990s.

Well it looks like the NFL wants to try to catch someone on the weed smoker’s holiday. The NFL is always trying to ruin the party right? No Fun League….NFL?


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