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Deion Sanders sticks to his report about players wanting Niners Harbaugh out

primetimeOn CBS and NFL Network’s NFL Thursday Night Kickoff, Deion “Prime Time” Sanders insisted that he has talked to multiple sources in a position to know the mood in the 49ers’ facility. If you remember correctly he stated that Jim Harbaugh is losing his locker room, and that players are not believing in him anymore. Deion made sure to address that last night, sticking to his guns.

“I have sources,” Sanders said. “I’m not going to name my sources. I have sources that wear football uniforms, coats, suits and ties. I didn’t stutter, nor did I stumble. This is real. You’re talking about Trent Baalke. We know there is a rift between he and Harbaugh. We all know that; that’s why the whole Cleveland thing came up last year. Who would have ever heard of thinking about trading a coach? Why would Cleveland even inquire if there was nothing there? That has trickled down into the locker room. Not only are my sources correct, I checked [with] three insiders from different networks and it’s 100 percent. You can shoot the messenger but the message is real.”


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