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NFL Draft Diamonds 2014 AFC playoff predictions; Will Denver sweep the AFC again?

luckThe 2014 NFL season is just a few days away.  A matter of fact the Buffalo Bills begin camp on Sunday, and will be preparing for their August 3rd game against the New York Giants in Canton, Ohio at the Hall of Fame Game. So what I wanted to do is predict what the season will look like near the end for the AFC first.  Will the Denver Broncos go back to the big game?  

AFC East

It is really hard to put a stamp on any team from the AFC East besides the Patriots.  The Patriots have been the best team in the conference for almost a decade.  There is no way that this changes in 2014.  Until Tom Brady is gone or hurt, I cannot see any of the other teams coming out the conference in the AFC East. 

New England Patriots –  AFC East Champions

AFC North 

The Pittsburgh Steelers finally take their division back.  With a three headed monster in the back field and giving Big Ben some new weapons the Steelers are ready to take over and really clamp down against the other teams.  I expect the Steelers to really dominate this year, but just get over the playoff hump. 

Pittsburgh Steelers –  AFC North Champions

AFC South 

Andrew Luck will be in the playoffs again, the team could go 9-7 and still make the playoffs.  They are too good and I feel the team will dominate the South.  The conference is just not that good, and their is no real competition.  Expect the Colts to really impress in the regular season. 

Indianapolis Colts –  AFC South Champions

AFC West

The Denver Broncos still have Peyton Manning and until that changes I expect them to be in the playoffs.  The Broncos will have decent competition from the Chargers and Chiefs, but they will pull away in 2014 again.  Manning will have a huge year but will not break the records he did last year. They will be hard to stop again this year, but I feel they will make a huge impact in 2014. 

Denver Broncos –  AFC West Champions 

Wild Card 

The Buffalo Bills have not made the playoffs in 14 years, but this year with the addition of Sammy Watkins and letting Steve Johnson leave, the Buffalo Bills finally get to the playoffs. They struggled with the Patriots throughout the season splitting a game, but were able to sweep both the Jets and the Phins.  The Bills finally did it, Congrats Coach Marrone who will win Coach of the Year. 

Buffalo Bills –  AFC East Wild Card

Wild Card 

San Diego Chargers led by Philip Rivers have done it again, they swept the Kansas City Chiefs to move on to the playoffs.  Last year they made the playoffs, but this year the Wild Card winner could make a statement in the playoffs. 

San Diego Chargers – AFC West Wild Card

How it breaks down: 

San Diego Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts – Colts win 42-21

Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Steelers win 28-24

Broncos and Patriots have Bye First Week

Round 2

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos – Broncos win 42-21

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots – Colts win 14-13

AFC Championship

Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos – Broncos win 28-27

Denver Broncos move on to play in the Super Bowl but who will they play?

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