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Aqib Talib says Peyton Manning is better than Tom Brady; Takes shot at Belichick

Last year Aqib Talib was one of the better defensive players for the New England Patriots, and after a very solid season, Talib was not re-signed by the Patriots. Instead, he joined former Pat Wes Welker in Denver.  So you know what he was going to be asked by the NFL Network when they had him on this morning.  

The first question he was asked was who was a better quarterback Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and his answer was: 

“You gotta go Peyton Manning,” Talib said Friday on NFL Network. “Tom is a good friend of mine. What’s up Tom, baby? (Manning) had an awesome year. He tore it up. He like set the record for touchdowns. He beat Tom in the AFC Championship. You gotta give it to Peyton. Tom know that’s my dog, man; he know.”

Talib didn’t stop there, he went on to take a huge shot at Bill Belichick.  If you remember correctly the Patriots let him walk and signed Darrelle Revis to a bigger contract.  

“Bill (Belichick) sure didn’t want to give me that money, so — hey, man, he gave it to Revis,” Talib said.

This rivalry is getting so much better day in and day out.  I love it. 


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