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Champ Bailey says the Broncos have to slow down Jamaal Charles if they want to win

The Broncos most veteran defenders Champ Bailey knows a thing or two about Andy Reid and his offenses.

Bailey knows the key to slowing down Andy Reid’s offense is shutting down Jamaal Charles.

“There are some similarities there, but I think the talent is different, he has different players to deal with,” Bailey said. “I think he’s doing a lot of similar things that he did in Philly, but I don’t think he ever had a running back as good as Jamaal Charles.”

After nine games, Charles is the Chiefs’ leading rusher with 725 yards and is also the team’s leading receiver with 47 catches, or 14 more than wide receiver Dwayne Bowe. Charles has accounted for 39 percent of the yardage (1,114) the Chiefs have gained on offense, and had 48 percent of the touches (217).

I still don’t feel like this game will be close, I feel Denver by 10.


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