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The NFL needs to stop targeting players, Suh could be in trouble again

The NFL is worse than those traffic lights with cameras. This week the Detriot Lions played the Cleveland Browns and
Ndamakong Suh did not have one personal foul or bad play. A matter of fact he was never even flagged in the game.

Well according to Pro Football Talk that doesn’t matter. The NFL’s head official Dean Blandino was concerned enough about a hit that Suh put on Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden.

On the play in question, Suh was rushing and hit Weeden just after Weeden threw the ball. The hit wasn’t flagged, Suh didn’t make contact with Weeden’s head and it didn’t look particularly dirty, but Blandino said Suh “lowered his head” and that the league office would need to look at it more this week as a “potential helmet to the body.”

The NFL is starting to act like the IRS, they need to stop. Here is my question to all of you, do you think the the NFL is targetting Suh? Let us know via twitter @drocksthaparty


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