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Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is at it again; “We are the BEST secondary in NFL”

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is never one to hold back his words, I mean the guy has tons of things to say.  Just ask Darrelle Revis!! Well after a huge win last night, the trash talker went on saying there is not a better secondary in the NFL than the Seahawks.  To be honest, I have to agree with him, Kam Chancellor, Brandon Browner, and Earl Thomas are all studs.  I think anyone of them could start for a team and play at a high level, no matter where in the NFL.

“I think we’re the best in the game,” Sherman said. “We’ve got the best free safety in the game, probably the best left corner, best right corner — we don’t switch sides, so we can’t be like other guys who switch sides and do all that. But we can be the best right corner, best left corner, best strong safety in the game.”

Some hate Sherman, but I love the guy, he is a smart ass, but I love it.  He talks the talk, but boy does he walk the walk.


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