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Giants run defense has turned into a nightmare for teams

In the past 4 weeks the New York Giants have faced four of the best running backs in the NFL, and it looks like the run defense is back.  They have faced Jamaal CharlesLeSean McCoyMatt Forte and Adrian Peterson over the past four weeks.  Those players have been held to 206 yards on 70 carries (2.94 YPC), which is insane.

They were the leagues worst run defense several weeks ago, and Perry Fewell has somehow did it again.  With a mid season trade for Jon Beason, the Giants have looked great.  If the Giants can keep it up and get minor production from Eli and company on offense, this team could be scary.  They are not totally out of their division, because the NFC East has been horrible this year.  Could the Giants honestly make a run to get a wild card spot?  If their run defense keeps it up anything is possible.


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