Did you know Tom Brady is not a top ten highest paid quarterback? HOW?

When you think of Elite quarterbacks in the NFL, you are automatically down to four players.  That is Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.  While some say it is up for debate, one thing you cannot take away from the Patriots is how great Tom Brady has been for the New England area.  The guy takes pay cut after pay cut to keep players in town, but the team decides to go in a different direction. Last year,  Tom Terrific went to the Pats and their front office and took a pay cut because he wanted to keep Wes Welker on the team.  The team turned on Tom and went with Danny Amendola, but it didn’t matter. Tom still led the team to the playoffs without Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez.  The guy is one of the best quarterbacks you will ever watch, but he is not a top ten paid quarterback?  

This is what kills me, because I hear guys like Colin Kaepernick saying he wants to make 18 million a year, and while he has a very solid team around him, we all know that he is not the main reason that team is winning.  It is a different case with Tom Brady.  The guy led his team to the playoffs with rookies, and more rookies.  The team lost Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo on defense along with all his wide outs, and they still made the playoffs.  If you put Kaepernick on the Patriots, the team would probably be 2-14.  It is not coaching when you have a true stud at quarterback.  I understand Tom Brady was trying to be a team player by taking a pay cut, but this is still shocking.  Look who is making more than him?  

Aaron RodgersatQuarterback $22,000,000
Matt RyanatQuarterback $20,750,000
Joe FlaccoatQuarterback $20,100,000
Drew BreesatQuarterback $20,000,000
Peyton ManningatQuarterback $19,200,000
Jay CutleratQuarterback $18,100,000
Tony RomoatQuarterback $18,000,000
Matthew StaffordatQuarterback $17,666,667
Eli ManningatQuarterback $16,250,000
Philip RiversatQuarterback $15,300,000
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