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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kris Mitchell, WR, Florida International

2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kris Mitchell, WR,  Florida International
Kris Mitchell is an explosive wide receiver from Florida International University with good hands. Hula Bowl scout Ryan Vidales breaks him down as an NFL Prospect in his report.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #Kris Mitchell, #10
School (Code)Florida International (FLIN)
DOB, Class Yr11/02/2001, Fifth-Year Junior
Height, Weight6010, 175
40 Yd DashN/A
Position/DepthWR, #1
Season Viewed (yr)2023
Scout Name / DateRyan Vidales, 11/16/23

Per Year Stats

202310 GP, 50 Rec, 846 Rec Yds, 6 Rec TD
202212 GP, 23 Rec, 348 Rec Yds, 4 Rec TD
202110 GP, 9 Rec, 158 Rec Yds, 1 Rec TD
20204 GP, 4 Rec, 39 Rec Yds

Player Summary:

Fifth-year junior with decent height/weight measurements, ample length, and a slender, athletic build & frame. Plays mostly on the outside in FIU’s spread, RPO-heavy offensive system. Leads the team in reception, receiving yards, and receiving TDs. Possesses requisite hands-catching ability, ball reactions, and body control to adjust to intermediate/deep balls at the catch point. Tracks the ball well, flashes late hands, and reels in contested catches using strong hand-eye coordination. Boasts a well-developed route tree and route-running ability. Drops weight/sinks hips efficiently to stop and start & change tempo. Snaps off routes with deft foot quickness at the top of the route and exhibits quality burst/acceleration to create separation at the stem. Instinctively locates and targets soft spots in zone coverage on the boundary & middle of the field. Boasts competitive play speed and long speed to beat defenses over the top. More fast than twitchy, but still displays capable initial quickness & suddenness at the LOS and open field. Offers inadequate perimeter blocking ability and lacks the play strength to hold & sustain blocks at the POA. Could opt to return to school to refine his receiving skill set and blocking technique before transitioning to the next level. Would also benefit from adding 5-10 pounds to become more physical at the catch point and POA. Offers intriguing athletic upside and playmaking ability but has only amassed 50 rec, 500 yards, and 5 Rec TDs once in his career. Definitely a prospect worth monitoring during the pre-draft process.

Scheme Fit:

Perimeter Z receiver

Power Statement:

Mitchell is an explosive perimeter receiver with strong ball reactions, dependable hands, effective play speed, and sharp route-running intelligence against zone coverage. Average perimeter blocker, moderate height/weight measurements, and sufficient production prior to the 2023 season

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