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Pittman’s Pocket: How HBCU coaches can help their prospects?

On this week of PIttman's Pocket, Brian Pittman breaks down five incoming freshman we need to keep an eye!
Pittman’s Pocket: Big shout out to BlitzCity Podcast, HBCU Over Drive Podcast, and GRID Camps

Coaches have expressed Frustration with the lack of players drafted in the NFL over the past several years, but is it something the players are doing wrong?

As the new HBCU Scout here at the Hula Bowl and at Draft Diamonds, we are always looking at ways to get players the best opportunities and exposure.
  • HBCU programs have to continue scheduling FBS programs. Two should be the max number of games a year, before conference play. Very few programs have the budget, and availability to schedule a league play each year.
  • Do not slow up in recruiting top notch talent as we have and had seen over the past 4 years. That was definitely one of the biggest changes over the past several years.
  • Play your freshman and Junior College prospects, in the mix with transfer players who are actually better than the previous or present class. The best players on the field should be out there regardless of their year in school or their statistics.
  • Make sure your position coaches help develop each prospect on and off the field. Players look up to coaches as role models, so help them become young men with bright futures by guiding them.
  • HBCU Head Coaches and assistant coaches must improve their coaching at their current level. There are more opportunities present with the Bill Walsh and John Wooten coaching rules, but they are not easy to land.
  • Make film available to scouts from All-Star Games. It is very important to get your players an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of NFL scouts.
  • If HBCU coaches can make it to the College All Star games to coach as well, then you will see more HBCU players drafted. They work hand to hand.

Working on Part 2 now!

Brian Pittman

Worked as a Scout and volunteer for the East n West Shriners game in 2016-2017. Also attended the Hula bowl and Tropical Bowl games. 2022 Also was a independent Agent and Scout at the CGS bowl game in 2021. Worked All star games like the EPS All-Americans game in 2017.

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