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Imagine if Damar Hamlin runs out the tunnel this weekend carrying the flag against the Bengals

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is in Critical Condition following Cardiac Arrest on the football field
Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in Critical Condition following Cardiac Arrest on the football field just fifteen days ago, imagine if he ran the team out the tunnel this weekend?

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is just 15 days removed from suffering cardiac arrest on the football field against the Cincinnati Bengals. The crazy thing is he is already back and working out at the facility.

Damar comes into the building daily according to head coach Sean McDermott. The wild situation is the Buffalo Bills will take on the Cincinnati Bengals again this week, in a true showdown. Could Damar Hamlin pull of the almighty and run out of the tunnel this weekend holding a flag to fire up the fans?

I think if Damar Hamlin is healthy enough to run out the tunnel, it could be one of the most amazing moments in NFL history, with him practically dying on the field just several weeks ago.

Last week Hamlin, his mother and father visited the team during its walk-through the day before a Wild Card playoff victory over the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills play the Cincinnati Bengals in a divisional round playoff game on Sunday at Highmark Stadium, and the biggest PowerPlay could be when the safety runs out that tunnel in front of his team.

Both teams had their game in which Hamlin collapsed on the field cancelled by the NFL. The best part of this entire situation is Hamlin’s recovery has inspired American’s and brought the country together in prayer.

Hamlin, who attended Catholic schools as a youth, is a devout Christian. God definitely answered the prayers to the Bills safety, and the fans and players all came together after the tragic situation.

Many players across the NFL engaged in prayer circles, and teams honored Hamlin during their Week 18 matchups.

Even Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen said he experienced a “spiritual awakening” upon hearing of Hamlin’s improving status.

There is nothing that could give the Bills a bigger advantage than Damar Hamlin running out the Tunnel carrying a BillsMafia Flag in front of his team. I think that would be one of the most amazing things and would really be emotional.

I am not sure this will happen, but I had a dream the other night and Damar came running on the field, and kneeled down on the 50 yard line and both teams the Bengals and Bills surrounded him the same way they did when he needed the AED shock, but this time they were praying. The Bills were able to get the win playing off emotions, and as a Bills fan, I hope that happens, but at the end of the day, Bills fans have already won! Damar Hamlin is back! God Bless Buffalo!


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