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2023 NFL Draft Diamonds Scouting Report: John Morgan III, Edge, Pittsburgh

John Morgan III is a twitchy, athletic player who does a great job of setting the edge in the Pittsburgh Panther defense. Hula Bowl scout, Matthew Swanson breaks down Alexandre’s strengths and weaknesses as an NFL Prospect in this article.

Player Data

Name, Jersey #John Morgan III / #6
School (Code)PAPT
DOB, Class Yr06/06/2000 / 5th Yr. Rs. Sr.
Height, Weight6020 / 265 LBS
40 Yd Dash4.78
Arms, HandsN/A
Position/DepthRotational DE #1
Season Viewed (yr)2021, 2022
Games WatchedWVUN (22’), NCUN (21’), NCWF (21’), MIWE (21’)
Scout Name / DateMatthew Swanson / 09-28-2022

Per Year Stats (Most Recent First)

202114 GP, 27 TKL (19 SOLO 8 AST), 6.5 TFL, 5.5 SCK, 0 INT, 1 PD, 0 FF, 1 FR
202010 GP, 12 TKL (8 SOLO 4 AST), 7.0 TFL, 4.0 SCK, 0 INT, 0 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR
20199 GP, 14 TKL (8 SOLO 6 AST), 4.0 TFL, 2.0 SCK, 0 INT, 1 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR
20181 GP, 1 TKL (1 SOLO 0 AST), 0.0 TFL, 0 SCK, 0 INT, 0 PD, 0 FF, 0 FR

Player Summary: 

The speed and twitch infused, 5th Yr. Rs. Sr. lines up as a rotational DE in the PAPT 4-2-5 defense. Projects as an EDGE defender as a 3-4 OLB at the next level. Physically, from OLB measurables, he’s a compact, muscular individual with ordinary length, good, thick arms, ordinary height, and above-average weight at 6020, 265 LBS. AA is above-average playing with good play speed and twitch, sufficient body control, explosion, and COD. Initial get off is sufficient. Anticipation is quality, reaction time is ordinary. Comes off ball with average, moderately high launch angle, shooting more up than out, and good post snap burst. Initial punch is decent against offensive lineman with good strength and size. Shocks good sized OT well illustrating solid strength, and good initial burst. Against the run he is sufficient. Shows good patience and awareness not over pursuing, containing the backside. Engages blockers at the POA with quality urgency and aggressive intent upon play recognition. Stacks OL head on decently well with sufficient strength in initial punch. Above-average setting the edge. Efficient and quick to recognize outside runs. Does a quality job of keeping his shoulders square and outside shoulder free. Attacks blockers well with sufficient burst, strength and above average aggression, pressing the LOS and lead blocking FBs, TEs, OGs back into hole. As a power rusher, he is ordinary. Engages OT with good aggression. Demonstrates good lean and ability to run feet after contact, walking quality sized offensive lineman back efficiently. Ability to shed against OL with good size and latch is ordinary due to average length. As a speed rusher, he is solid. Demonstrates good motor, play speed, and snap anticipation in clear passing situations. Utilizes sufficient flexibility in lower half and overall balance to rip and dip around tackle. Flattens well at the top of rush. Sifts well through traffic inside and out and shows quality motor through the whistle. As a tackler, he is decent. Shows good acceleration and closing speed upon finding the ball carrier. Rarely asked to drop into coverage, however, quality athleticism leads to sufficient ability to gain depth when asked to do so. Pad level when tackling is marginal in form and includes subpar, high pad level. Solid overall defender who needs to improve effort consistency against the run game and ordinary UOH urgency when shedding. 

Scheme Fit:

3-4 OLB in a system that allows good, versatile athletes to pin their ears back in a variety of blitz packages on passing downs and seeks tone setters on the edge in the run game. Can play special teams.

Power Statement:

Intriguing, above-average athlete, with sufficient size, who is a solid run defender and pass rusher. Needs to improve subpar pursuit consistency against the run and UOH when shedding blocks to reach potential as a consistent disruptive playmaker.


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