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Survive The Downtime

Madden video games
Our youth have become addicted to video games and Madden Football continues to be a great way to spend downtime between parents and their kids.

Survive The Downtime

It is no secret that NFL games are quite long. This is made worse for most supporters by the addition of numerous breaks as well as the commercials that populate the screen ever so frequently. So, how do you ensure that you have an awesome experience while supporting your team without losing the energy to cheer them on through the wins and the losses? Some people sit through the breaks in silence while others take the time. Here is a suggestion of activities that can help you survive the downtime and keep you around to cheer for your team through all 4 quarters.

Play video games

With the recent advancements in gaming, your smartphone is now equipped with quite a collection of online games. Once the commercial start bringing down the momentum of the day, you can always play some games on your phone to pass the time as you wait for the action to return. This will keep you occupied and prevent boredom from bringing down what could otherwise be an excellent game. This is also a good alternative to let off some steam in case your team is currently down. You can even play an NFL game on your phone and offer the team that is currently dragging yours down a thorough lashing. That is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Bond over drinks

The power of drinks should never be underestimated. This is a solution that works for both the gents and the ladies. If the game is slow or not hitting as hard as it was portrayed in the buildup, then you can bond with your bros over drinks. This is an excellent way to let loose, talk about the game and the players, talk smack about the opposing team, and have an overall fun time. For the ladies, this is where the cocktails come out and an otherwise average outing can be turned into something memorable. 

For the lovers of NCAA football, this is where you can challenge the supporters of the opposing team to a high-stakes beer pong tournament. Other than just getting a good buzz, cheering for your school, and jeering the opposition, you can make memories and connections that will last you a lifetime.

Online stimulation

There is quite a collection of social media apps these days with the likes of Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok taking center stage. If you are not a fan of the commercials or the breaks in between plays, then you can always take to social media for some temporary entertainment. Watch some cute cat videos, see what the other fans are ranting about on the internet or connect with your distant friends and talk over the game so far. If social media is not the thing for you, then there is always the option of no verification casinos to offer some much needed stimulation.

Play Some Poker

Nothing sets the stakes higher than pulling out a deck of cards. Playing some poker is a good way to bond, make some money and get to test the resolve and mettle of your companions. It is an excellent way to know who has the best bluff and helps the time fly in quite a fun way. You don’t necessarily have to play for money, the stakes can be any of several items at your disposal. Put your jerseys on the line, the team merch that you own, and your favorite foam finger. The winnings are just the icing on the cake, what is most important is that you have fun while you are at it. This will add some sizzle to the game as it offers an excellent bonding environment to interact, make merry and share ideas. There is no better feeling than beating your friends at poker while you ream thrushes theirs as you watch on the big screen. 

Play coach

A good way to pass the time is to assume the role of coach. This is usually best if you are watching the game with a group of your buddies. Pull out a whiteboard or paper, chart down the formations so far and the plays and discuss with your mates what it is that the team needs to implement to get the win. Look at how the opponents are defending or attacking and see if you can find a way to break them. This offers a different perspective of the game that you may not have considered while you were shouting at the players from across your living room.


So, if surviving 4 quarters, numerous breaks, prolonged halftime, and endless commercials is not something you can do without distractions, take up one suggestion and run with it. Here’s to hoping that you get to have fun, meet new acquaintances, and enjoy as your team brings down the hammer of victory on your rivals.

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