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2023 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Tyler Boatwright, CB, Central Connecticut State University

Tyler Boatwright the versatile defensive back from Central Connecticut State University recently sat down with Draft Diamonds
Tyler Boatwright the versatile defensive back from Central Connecticut State University recently sat down with Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot
  • Name: Tyler Boatwright
  • Position: Cornerback/Return Specialist
  • College: Central Connecticut State
  • Height: 185
  • Weight: 6’1
  • Twitter: tboatda1
  • Instagram: tboatda1

What makes you a top prospect at your position in the 2023 NFL Draft?

What makes me a top prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft is my undeniable passion for the game, my versatility, and my vast knowledge of the sport.

At what age were you first interested in the sport of football?

When I was 5 years old my Mom signed me up for flag football, which was my first exposure to team sports. In fifth grade, is when I first had the realization that I want to be a professional football player.

What is one thing that NFL teams should know about you?

NFL teams should know that I am extremely dedicated to my craft.

If you could donate to one cause in the world, what would it be?

If I could donate to one cause it would be giving back to the kids in my community. Recently, my hometown adopted a pay-to-play policy that requires middle school and high school level students to pay to compete in extra-curricular activities. I would like to donate to families that are unable to pay the fee so their children can participate in their sport. For me, sports played a big role in my life. Not only did it teach me valuable life lessons, it kept me focused and out of trouble.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I received was from Coach Mac, which is “control what you can control”. Putting your utmost effort into everything you do, will increase the chances of having a positive outcome.

Who was your childhood hero?

My childhood hero is my Dad. He was always a great example for me to look up to and showed me what it means to be a man. Also he believed in me at times I didn’t believe in myself, which motivated me to strive to be better. Watching him go to work everyday at 4am not complaining, showed me what hard work was and how important being consistent is.

Who is the most underrated teammate in your locker room at your school? 

The most underrated teammate in my locker room to me is our safety, Jonathan Cabral-Martin. I believe JMart and many more will have a major impact on this upcoming season .

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is “beating around the bush” .

Overcoming adversity is what defines character, what was the hardest moment in your life to overcome?

The hardest moment was my father passing away. He was my biggest fan and was always there for me. He’s a big reason why I approach the game, the way I do. LLSVB

Tell me something about your school and why it is so special to you?

Central Connecticut State is a smaller school that has always been supportive of me. In my time there I can say I’ve matured a lot and met many wonderful people from the professors to the students. Also, my school is special to me because it’s close enough to home for me to get support from family and friends at games.

What is your favorite snack food?

My favorite snacks to eat are grapes or apples. I like to start my mornings eating healthy and it gives me the energy I need to seize the day.

What is the best part of football?

The best part of football for me is making plays and winning with my brothers. As time went on, I really started to fall in love with the process. That made me appreciate the journey more, and not just the results. Also, football has taught me many valuable life lessons like being accountable and having discipline.

If you could sell yourself in one sentence what would you say?

Throughout my football career I’ve demonstrated mesmerizing abilities.

If you could compare your play to one player in the NFL who would it be?

If I could compare my play to one player in the NFL, I would best compare to Patrick Peterson. We have similar body types and are willing tacklers that can affect the game in multiple facets, not just cornerback. Also, I respect how he approaches the game from a mental and physical aspect. 

If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Barack Obama. The reason why is because growing up Kobe was not only my favorite athlete, but someone who inspired me to strive for excellence. Rest In Peace Kobe and GiGi. Another person I hope to sit down and have dinner with is Lebron James. I have the utmost respect for him because of how he conducts himself off the court. He donates money to several charities and gives back to the kids in his community. Lastly, I hope to sit down and have dinner with Barack Obama. He’s someone else who inspires me a lot. I will never forget when he got elected as president, it was a moment that made me feel like I can achieve anything.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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