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What NFL Pros Do in the Hours Just Before a Game

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS AT SAN DIEGO CHARGERS – Seattle rookie linebacker and first round draft choice Aaron Curry gets ready in the locker room before his first game as a pro.

The NFL is an entertaining game to watch. While the fans get ready with their favorite team’s jersey on, the players get prepared. The hours leading up to the game can get pretty intense for players. While you might be relaxed about discovering the games of a new online , the players have an asterisk and rigorous routine before the match. The players arrive at the stadium two hours before the game’s scheduled start. 


Once the players arrive, they head to their locker room. Here everything is prepared for their arrival. The fresh jerseys hanging and basic necessities available are the must-haves for welcoming a player. Having your own name printed on the jersey is a spectacular feeling. This moment is priceless for every player who has struggled to build his career. 

Most players will settle and try to relax before the big game. They will find the program in their locker and will go through it. Also, every team has a pregame ritual to accomplish. They will gather and do a group meditation to calm their body and lighten the game weight. 

Also, the players will take a shower before entering the terrain. Despite wanting to feel clean before getting sweaty, this practice gives them energy. 


The players join the training room area for pregame preps. Here they will get massage and therapy to get their body prepared for the exhausting game. Then the players will be taped by professionals. They will conde the player’s preferences and medical history and detemir how to execute this. When the players get their ankles taped and get their clothes on, they will get familiar with the ground. They will get a glimpse of the stadium, the playing surface, and the terrain. 


Some players like to release the negative energy and do a light workout. This practice includes jogging around the terrain. This simple without will help them test the terrain for traction despite energizing their body. This simple step allows them to assess whether they are wearing the right size spikes. In the training area, condition coaches will assist the players as well. There is a table with free goodies so that the players can grab whatever they need.

Setting the mood

Every player has a different approach when it comes to the mood. Some will be quiet and try to envision themselves being the best performers. Or some might meditate to prepare the body and mind. Others might be more relaxed and have a chit-chat with the other players. Some players might listen to music as an exciting way to energize the body. Therefore, it is all about each individual preference for setting the mood.

Some players might be responsible for playing music. Usually, they would go for energizing and motivating music with dynamic beats. Also, the team will come together with the coaches to do a prayer before the game. Usually, the ritual with the whole team and coach is the last thing before they are called out on the terrain. Even if the players aren’t religious, the gathering promotes the feeling of unification.

Fascinating rituals from the famous players

Every player has their own unique rituals before the game, and some might be surprising. Urlacher has to eat two cookies before he enters the terrain. Sam Bradford has a similar strange habit of eating only three foods before the game. John Henderson said he needed a slap to get him ready.


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