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2023 NFL Draft: The most intriguing prospects

Penn State's Joey Porter Jr. is one of the NFL Draft's most intruiging players
Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. is one of the NFL Draft’s most intruiging players

After the Big Ten, it is time to move forward to the 2022 season. The NFL draft is ahead, and there are lots of favorites. The 2022 drafts were pretty intense, with eight players from the Big Ten school. The precise score predictions will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the season.

Big Ten East

Smith-Njigba performs the routes excellently at his own pace. Everyone is amazed by his outstanding performance and the way he subtly moves. No other player has the skills to do this mid-game. Even though some consider his size a disadvantage, Smith proves this wrong. C.J. Stroud stands high chances and might be better than all first-round receivers. He knows how to get open and has a clear grasp of the space. He seems to be a good choice with reliable hands and a strong will.

Penn State: Joey Porter Jr., CB

With the same height as his father and being a former linebacker playing for the Steels, Joey is a promising player. Porter knows how to use his length and physics to provide the best results on the terrain. He covers ample space on the ground with giant arms and a solid physique. He has high energy and can recover quickly to close the passing windows. 

Michigan State: Jayden Reed, WR

Jayden didn’t enter the draft in the spring. However, his unique mix of skills is what makes him an intriguing prospect. His physique doesn’t stand out as much, but it is the body power that gives him strength. Reed can fight more prominent defenders and track the ball in the air. He shows excellent performance in the open field and can excel over the top. 

Michigan: Ryan Hayes, OT

Hayes is a 6-foot-7 player that had the ambition of becoming the best-left tackle. Even though the mirror injuries in 2020 could postpone that, Ryan didn’t give up. He managed to become the best-left tackle and deliver outstanding results. His physique is one of the critical factors to success. Paired with the excellent ability to move his body, Ryan’s size has gained him an advantage on the terrain. His outstanding speed is what gets him moving, but it is the skill to move past players that rounds his performance. Ryan is quite agile and mobile, so he will break down the second-level defense. It seems like his outstanding performance will set him on the terrain, being one of the popular prospects. However, Hayes still has to develop his skills. Maintaining proper bend and pad level are some of his flaws, so we will see if Ryan manages to overcome them, just like other issues in his career. However, Michigan has other amusing prospects on the look. 

Indiana: Tiawan Mullen, CB

Mullen is a great corner that has outstanding closing speed. His ability to get low to the ground and his performance seemed to be promising in the Big Ten. He wasn’t minding getting physical as a corner and could easily face larger targets. However, a foot injury is what stood in his way from becoming the best corner. After the injury, his speed and burst, which were his significant advantages, couldn’t remain the same. It is impressive how he got back to the game after the injury but later resigned. Mullen will be a vast project to consider if he is better with his health condition. 


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