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Three football players in Texas indicted after brutally ambushing their teammate and almost killed him

Mugshots of Reid Mitchell, Ayden Holland, and Logan Huber courtesy of Lake Jackson Police Department in Texas.

Three teenagers in Texas are facing 2 to 20 years for second degree assault after they brutally jumped and beat their teammate Cole Hagan a 16-year-old football player with dreams of playing college football. Hagan will likely never be able to play football ever again after the beating.

According to reports, Hagan was jumped at a pool party by three of his teammates. This attack happened on December 3rd at a Texas home, when Logan Huber and Ayden Holland lured him outside, but once outside Hagan was ambushed by Reid Mitchell a 17-year-old teammate. According to reports, Mitchell planned this attack prior to it happening.

Mitchell, Huber, and Holland were indicted by a grand jury in Brazoria County, Texas, on felony aggravated assault in the second degree on Thursday. All three were charged as adults. 

Hagan was hospitalized with multiple brain bleeds, skull fractures, and a broken collarbone, and he was put on a ventilator. 

Cole Hagan spent several days in the ICU following the assault, his family said.

I do not understand what happened in this situation, but this has to change. The young man could have died.

His family said he had to spend several days in the ICU on a ventilator. That is a very severe beating he endured. I am praying for the young man and hope he is still able to play the game he loves, but this needs to stop.

I hope the kids learn from this mistake.


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