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Could Julian Edelman be returning to the NFL? | Is he hinting at a return on social media?

Julian Edelman fantasy duds
Could former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman be coming back to the NFL? It sure sounds like Tom Brady is trying to get him back!

Tom Brady has been quite the General Manager for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady wants to win ten more Super Bowls, I love the guys attitude, but he knows he will need all the help he can get as he is already 45. The star quarterback posted a video the other day on Twitter showing him throwing to Julian Edelman, but the video was reportedly from a year ago.

Brady however tagged Edelman and it got the former Patriot wide out’s attention.

Edelman asked Brady how his knee looked. We know the video was previously recorded, but remember Edelman retired because of his knee issues.

There have been rumors since last year that Edelman will reunite with Brady in Tampa and play for another season. Well, could this be happening?

Is Brady trying to convince Edelman to come out of retirement for one more run?


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