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Five teams that should call the Browns for Quarterback Baker Mayfield

Colts land Baker Mayfield?
Browns GM Andrew Berry had to have a deal already in place before he talked to Deshaun Watson. Amazing Edit by @QB1Tattoo on Twiter

The Browns did Baker Mayfield dirty. I am not a fan of the way they handled the situation, but who am I? The Browns knew they were moving on from Baker before they called Deshaun Watson. Their GM graduated from Harvard. There is no way he did not have a plan. Berry graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in computer science. He was the youngest General Manager at the time he was hired at 32, and I feel deep down inside he is five steps ahead of all of us.

Berry likely had a trade already in place to get his return on Baker before he jumped into the mix.

Think about it, maybe the Texans want Baker and that is why they had that offer on the table, and why they met with Watson, but trust me Andrew Berry has a card not shown in his back pocket. I am willing to bet it is the Colts.

Here is why…..

I have been told by several people that Marcus Mariota was the quarterback the Colts were looking to sign, but he is a free agent. He has not signed with anyone yet. The Colts have the most money in the entire league with 60 plus million and all they have done so far is re-sign their own players. What are they waiting for?

Could they be waiting to see if they can land a big time quarterback so they can go get him weapons? Is that why several of the wide receivers are waiting for Watson to pick his destination? It sure sounds like it. The Colts have the most money and can do the most damage. I would not be shocked if Baker is dealt moments after Watson is dealt. And here are five teams I could see trade for Baker.

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts have to be in the mix. They are waiting to sign someone. It has to be a quarterback. Let’s be honest, they may have known that Baker could be an option before they even dealt Wentz. The Colts will make a splash but who will it be? Sounds like a perfect destination for me.

Tennessee Titans – I know the Titans have Ryan Tannehill, but I could see Mike Vrabel falling in love with Baker. Baker is a no BS kind of guy, and I think he could be a great fit with the Titans. I don’t think this is the best fit for Baker, but he is an upgrade over Tannehill in my opinion.

Houston Texans – The Texans need everything right now, and Baker Mayfield could be a great option for them. He played ball at Oklahoma close to Texas and maybe he could turn their franchise around. I am not sure Lovie would be excited to have him but who knows.

Seattle Seahawks – Could Baker go to Seattle and take over for Russell Wilson? I mean it makes sense but I think the Seahawks will wait and turn to the draft. I would not be shocked if they do end up giving a veteran an opportunity, but probably not trading for one.

Carolina Panthers – I do not think the Panthers are going to land their star quarterback, but they want a veteran bad. The Panthers are not happy with Sam Darnold and I think Baker could be a beast for the Panthers. Either way, this is Matt Rhule’s last chance to find a QB, otherwise he will likely be fired before he has another option to sign one.

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