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2022 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Nino Schmitt, OL, Missouri S&T

Nino Schmitt the versatile offensive lineman from Missouri S&T recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen.
  • Name: Nino Schmitt
  • Position: OL
  • College: Missouri S&T 
  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 295 lbs
  • Twitter: @NinoSchmitt
  • Instagram: @anthonino57 

1.What sets you apart from other offensive linemen?

  • I think what sets me apart from other offensive linemen is my technique and ability to create leverage. I have a toolbox of techniques that I can apply to different looks I may see the defense line up in, and I always stay in a great body position to root defenders out.

2.If you could hang out with any football player past or present for a day who and why?

  • If I could pick anyone, I would want to hang out with former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger. I love the passion he shows for the trenches as an NFL analyst, and he’s broken down some clips of my former teammate Tershawn Wharton who currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

3.What should we know about Nino Schmitt the person?

  • Nino Schmitt the person is a Christian and a mechanical engineer, who loves to play guitar and write music, and can get along with anyone.

4.What type of energy do you bring onto the football field?

  • The energy I bring to the field is very positive and consistently aggressive. Whether it be good or bad, energy is contagious, especially when you’re a leader of the team, so I always try to stay positive no matter how the game is going. I also keep a consistent level of aggressiveness throughout the game, which I believe is essential to being a great offensive lineman.

5.What made you decide you wanted to be a football player?

  • At the age of 7, I was inspired to start playing football by my favorite players on the St. Louis Rams: Tory Holt, Steven Jackson, Orlando Pace, etc.  Before then, I had quit every other sport I tried, so my parents told me I could only play football if I promised to stick with it. 16 years later and it’s still my passion.

6.What are your favorite moments from your football life?

  • My favorite football moments include winning the Missouri 6A state championship in 2014 with CBC High School and winning the Division II Mineral Water Bowl game in 2018 with Missouri S&T.

7.How do you handle challenges both in life and on the football field?

  • In both life and football, I overcome challenges with a good attitude and working together with the people you’re close with. When times are tough I remind myself that all pain and stress are temporary and the people I love/my teammates will always help me push through adversity.

8.What is your typical training routine?

  • For strength training, I frequently do squat, bench, and trap bar deadlifts, along with accessory lifts to strengthen the smaller muscles and prevent injury. I believe being in shape is essential to play offensive line, so I run at least 3 days a week in the off-season, and I work on my technique just as frequently. I’m always using new drills to improve my hands, my run block footwork, my pass sets, my pad level, etc.

9.What do you love about the game of football?

  • What I love most about football are the relationships you make with your coaches and teammates along the way. You watch each other go through good days and bad days, wins and losses, and you do it all together. No sport brings people together and teaches the value of teamwork like football. 11 people at a time have to execute their jobs and trust in the person next to them to do theirs. It’s a team sport in the fullest sense.

10.What would a team get in a player like you?

  • Any team that chose me will get a guy who always puts the team first and do whatever it takes to execute his job every play. They would get a player who uses his mind to lead the offensive line and solve problems on the field, and who finds ways to improve his game every day.

11.What are your favorite things about playing football for Missouri S&T?

  • One thing that’s great about playing football at S&T is how tight we are. Everyone cares a lot about the program and each other and we look out for each other on and off the field. And this includes the coaches, the athletic trainers, parents, and so on. The program feels like one big family. Another thing I like is the opportunity at this school. You can play football at a high level and compete for a championship every year at S&T, and at the same time work on getting a high-level degree. I’m currently working on a master’s degree in manufacturing.

12.What past or present NFL coach would you want to learn from the most and why?

  • I would’ve loved to learn from offensive line coach Howard Mudd. His non-traditional ideas for offensive line play have inspired me to expand my arsenal of techniques. Hearing of Mudd’s philosophy from my own o-line coach at S&T, Coach Ball, I’ve learned that there are so many different ways to get the job done at the offensive line position.


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