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Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors | Where will he end up? Will the Texans get good value?

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Deshaun Watson is available for trade. Let’s look at several teams that should at least consider the former Clemson standout.

There are rumors floating around the NFL that Deshaun Watson could be traded very soon. I want to look at several teams that could use Watson’s services and also talk about how a team can protect themselves from the active investigation on Watson.

Watson may not play a snap this year. He currently has an active investigation, and if I am a team I want protection. Hear me out. There are rumors the Texans want at least six assets in return for Watson, but I would have terms to the agreement, if I was willing to give up that much.

Right now, Watson could be facing prison time. The Texans do not want anything else to do with it. The Dolphins would be dumb not to take Watson, under these circumstances. There are rumors saying the Texans want three first round picks and 2 second round picks, but if he is arrested and charged for any of the crimes, then I would put in the contract that I am only responsible to give you a first and a second. I think that is how you protect yourself from a trade with Watson.

This way the Dolphins land their future franchise QB and the pressure goes back on the Texans. The Dolphins could be in a huge win/win situation if they word it right, but they may not be the only team interested in Watson.

This morning Tony Pauline reported the Panthers are very interested in Deshaun Watson. I am not sure that is the right move for them but they are not really attached to Sam Darnold. Add to the fact that the Panthers want to win now. They just traded for Stephon Gilmore.

One team that seems to have the green light so to speak is the Philadelphia Eagles. According to Chris Simms, Jeffrey Lurie has given the green light to Howie Roseman to pursue a deal for Watson.

Jeffery Lurie has “green-lighted” Howie Roseman to pursue a deal for DeShaun Watson if the opportunity arose, per

— Eagles Nation (1-2) (@PHLEaglesNation) September 30, 2021

It is hard to find a franchise quarterback, and maybe the Eagles are not sold on Jalen Hurts, but shoot the Dolphins should not be sold on Tua either. That is another team that have to be looking into the Watson trade. I mean Watson really wants to play in Miami.

I mean could you imagine the Vikings pulling off a trade for Watson to replace Cousins? I mean it is something to consider, especially if Cousins is not re-signed. You also have the Washington Football Team, who seem content with Taylor Heinicke but Deshaun Watson is a huge upgrade.

At this point these are the five teams I think should consider trading for Watson:

Miami Dolphins – Everyone has the Dolphins as the leader, but there are going to be more teams that jump in the mix, especially if they lower their asking price. Tua is not the answer, the Dolphins need a quarterback and their coaching staff has to be on the hot seat at this point.

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles upper management loves Watson, and they were the first team to take a shot on Mike Vick. They are not afraid to make a power move with someone who has some legal issues. Plus they may not be sold on Jalen Hurts.

Washington Football Team – Ron Rivera does not seem like a guy that would take a guy like Watson, but who knows. Maybe the Washington Football Team views Watson’s case a little different. Rivera knows Cam Newton well but won’t even go after him.

Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousins is going to be a free agent and the Vikings need to win. I think this would be a great move. I am not sure if Zimmer is interested in Watson, but jeez would he be a huge upgrade.

Carolina Panthers – I am not sure if the Panthers are sold on Sam Darnold, he started off hot but it has sort of dwindled away. I would love to see Darnold keep the top spot, but who knows.

But my sleeper is the Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger just does not have it anymore. He is old and he is no longer mobile. I know this seems like a stretch but imagine Watson under Mike Tomlin? They did sign Mike Vick.

Another team to keep an eye on is the New Orleans Saints. Both Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston are free agents next year. Sean Payton is a pretty amazing offensive mind. Could you imagine Watson, Kamara, and Michael Thomas?


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