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The Best Touchdowns In Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year for any Football fan, as it showcases just how amazing the NFL is and how legendary their players have become.

Not only do the stand-out stars of the season get to shine, but so do the names we didn’t know before.

It’s the anticipation, the strategy change, and the pure talent that makes this event so special. And every now and then, an unfathomable touchdown is brought before use, creating an instant shock of emotion.

Today, we are going to explore those magical moments.

  1. Super Bowl XVII – John Riggins From Redskins RB

In an amazing stroke of luck, the Super Bowl XVII put the Washington Redskins and the Miami Dolphins together, allowing us to see legends like Joe Gibbs, Joe Theismann, and Don Shula battle it out. 

In a move called the 70 Chip, the Redskins were too far back to make a field goal, so instead, they called in Riggins. They ran off the left tackle to isolate Riggins on a cornerback to create the perfect opportunity.

The Dolphins tried to tackle Riggins, but he was too strong. Instead, he almost bounced off the defender and scored a 43 yard touchdown!

In a game like no other, a tricky situation turned into the perfect match, and Redskins were able to win with a score of 27 to 17.

  1. Super Bowl XLIII – Santonio Holmes From Steelers WR

One of the wildest games of football ever recorded was between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals during the Super Bowl XLIII.

Both teams were playing offensively, reaching and squirming to get the final win. It was the end half of the game which made it so spectacular.

The Cardinals were on the losing side for the whole of the first half, with a score of 20 to 7. It was in the last quarter of the game when they really started to pick up the pace, and Larry Fitgerald torpedoed into the Steellers to create two touchdowns.

With only 2:37 left in the game, the score was 23 to 20. No one was blinking.

Although the winning catch by Santonio Holmes was what brought it back for the Steelers, The Cardinals’ fantastic catch-up was the real show.

  1. Super Bowl XXXII – John Elway From Broncos QB

Elway’s touchdown wins all started with a tantrum. Almost quitting the game entirely unless he was able to play for the Denver Broncos, Elway was one decision away from a different life altogether.

Lucky for us, Elway got his way. 8 seasons later, John running the ball tucked safely in his arms was making a statement again. He refused to take the safe option and settle for a field goal; instead, he ran into Green Bay Packers’ defensive wall all by himself.

Of course, he was tackled, but as his body went into the air, the ball still in hand, our boy landed on the 4 yard line of the first down. Securing a Super Bowl-winning touchdown.

  1. Super Bowl XXXIV – Isaac Bruce From The Rams

Most people know this game for the tackle between Mike Jones and Kevin Dyson, but let’s not forget Isaac Bruce’s efforts.

After both teams scored a touchdown in the third quarter of the game, the tension was running high, and the stadium was filled with excitement. 

Tennessee Titans quickly created another touchdown at the two yard line, and then 2 minutes later, a kicker managed to equalize the scoreboards.

To combat the never ending balancing match, Los Angeles Rams hit wide to Isaac Bruce, their receiver. And a speedy and quick touchdown was scored at the 73 Yard line. But Isaac was too quick and gave no room for defense. 

6 seconds left on the clock and the legendary tackle between Mike Jones and Kevin Dyson was the only thing stopping the Ram from winning. Jones saved the game, and Isaac’s speedy touchdown was the winning score!


Maybe this next season will add another legendary touchdown to Super Bowl History. Fanduel’s NFL odds tell us that there is definitely something special on the horizon!


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