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Former Miami Hurricanes football player Alexander Figueroa has been arrested again for rape

Alexander Figueroa Figatron arrested for rape
Former Miami Hurricanes linebacker Alexander FIgueroa was arrested again for rape, this time in Oklahoma. The former Miami Hurricane raped another female according to court documents.

Alexander Figueroa was a starting linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes who was kicked off the team back in 2014 when he was charged for sexual battery, along with another linebacker JaWand Blue. They admitted to raping a 17 year old woman in 2014, and guess what, the female refused to go to court to testify so the case was dropped. Figueroa was allowed to get counseling and walk free. Well he struck again, according to reports in Oklahoma.

Figueroa, would eventually transfer to Central Oklahoma to finish out his football career, and this past week, Figueroa was arrested again for rape.

The 26 year old former Hurricane was booked into the Oklahoma Detention Center for rape and held on a 500,000 dollar bond.

According to, a woman was leaving her job at the Feria Latina Supermarket when she was stopped by a man in his car.

“She indicated that he seemed like a nice person, sounded like a nice person, so she voluntarily got into the car with him,” said Master Sgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Investigators say it wasn’t long before she realized the man was not driving in the direction of her home.

Court documents say Figueroa allegedly took her to a 7-11 at NW 16th and Meridian and forced her to have sex with him while strangling her.

Figueroa let the female leave the vehicle and she immediately called the police. She was taken to the hospital where they were able to retrieve the DNA evidence of Figueroa. Using CODIS they were able to find it was in fact Figueroa.


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