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Five biggest steals in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft

Micah Parsons
Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons is considered a top linebacker in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Cowboys were able to land him after trading back and picking up an additional thrid round pick! He was a draft steal!

With the first round of the NFL Draft over, I think it is very important to talk about the biggest steals of the NFL Draft. We already pointed out five busts, and now it is time to talk about who won the draft. I think some of you will agree with my picks while others will have their five favorites. These are guy I feel were homerun picks for their team. Let’s break it down.

Denver Broncos – Patrick Surtain II, CB, Alabama – This was one of my favorite picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. I told everyone that Jaycee Horn would be the first cornerback draft but I did not neccesarily agree with it. I think Surtain is going to be the best cover corner in the NFL Draft. Surtain falling to 9th overall was a homerun pick for the Broncos. They did not overdraft a player, John Elway stuck to his guns and picked the BPA.

Chicago Bears – Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State – Justin Fields has the ability to be the best Bears quarterback ever. Yes, you read that right. They came up from 20 but the move could be enough to save Ryan Pace’s job. This was a great pick. He was easily the second best quarterback in this draft, and they were able to pick him at 11. That is wild, I am telling you he will help the Bears turn the corner.

Dallas Cowboys – Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State – The Dallas Cowboys win the draft because they helped one team in the NFC West get a player they wanted, while screwing another team. Not only that they moved back two picks, picked up an additional third round pick then landed the most talented linebacker the week Sean Lee retires from the NFL. This was a homerun. I can tell you this too, call me crazy, but I know for fact Micah was hoping the Cowboys were the team calling. He has wanted to play for the Cowboys since last season.

Las Vegas Raiders – Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama – If you follow me on Twitter you will know how much I love Alex Leatherwood. He is my favorite offensive lineman in this draft class and it is not close. Leatherwood is going to be a Pro Bowler. I think the Raiders struck gold. Everyone else can scratch their heads, but this kid is the most tenacious player I have watched. If he gets his mits on you it is over. This was an A+ pick for them.

Buffalo Bills – Gregory Rousseau, DE, Miami – Rousseau was projected as a top 5 pick about 4 months ago. What made him drop? Was it because he wanted to be with his family during the COVID-19 period? Nothing changed, the kid is healthy, he proved in 2019 he was one of the most dominating pass rushers in college football finishing his FRESHMAN SEASON WITH 15.5 sacks. The Bills just struck gold at number 30. I am a homer, but this was a great pick by the Bills.


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