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5 NFL Free Agents You Should Look Forward To In 2021

Baltimore Ravens have several free agents on their defense but the one player who could get a ton of attention is Tyus Bowser.

The National Football League (NFL) offseason is bundled hope for many people. Whatever you say about the association, the NFL undoubtedly knows how to draw in lots of attention, especially during the season. 

However, the NFL may do some of its most remarkable and finest marketing work in the early-spring and late-winter. The league can do that by offering hope to its fans, particularly, in the form of veterans who are changing their franchise and incoming rookies. 

Although many teams pay a very high price for the huge names, some teams opt to distribute contracts to the under-the-radar players. If you choose to go this route, below are the five darkhorse NFL free agents to watch out for. Read on!

Tyus Bowser

In terms of athleticism, reach, length, and frame most teams yearn for, Tyus Bowser has it all. He manifested or displayed an ability to be very good in many ways with the Baltimore Ravens thanks to the compound scheme of coach Wink Martindale. 

Tyus Bowser is just 25 years old with massive room for development and growth. Also, he is recognized to be one of the great coverage linebackers in the league. Bowser has excellent and impressive eye-hand coordination who can set the edge and give rise to pass rush when not covering the back area. 

Moreover, Tyrus Bowser is paid at least 12 million dollars annually relying on the market. However, coaches and executives who know Bowser very well circulate around many large spending teams with all-important needs on the edge. If you want to bet on this player, go to a site like

Melvin Ingram

A few years back, Melvin Ingram was deemed as one of the best and most dreaded pass-rusher on the Los Angeles Chargers. Also, Ingram is recognized as one of the best edge performers in the league. 

However, Joey Bosa was selected through the draft. In due course, Joey Bosa is paid big. On the other hand, in recent years, Melvin Ingram had problems staying healthy. Even so, there’s still prowess and ability to be intensified. 

Additionally, in a set of circumstances wherein his representatives could be restricted, someone may hit an outright home run, particularly on a short-term deal. 

Shelby Harris

This underrated player gets outshines by other players on the Denver Broncos. What’s more, Shelby Harris has serious contract issues. Creating no lack of headlines and all the rage is Von Miller’s option. 

Additionally, the choice or option to tag stud Justin Simmons may appear like a thing that has already been decided. Moreover, Shelby Harris will be fine on the open market after losing Derek Wolfe. He can do great at knocking balls down, generating push, and setting the edge. 

Malik Hooker

Malik Hooker displayed excellent coverage instincts and ball-skills in college and seemed like he may become the face of the defense in Indiana Colts. What’s more, there was a lot of athleticism defending and rebuilding Colts defense in the modern passing game. 

However, Hooper just couldn’t stay healthy last year. Also, his time in Indiana is almost over. Malik Hooker is still young and will come affordable or inexpensive from last season. 

Hunter Henry

Hunter Henry has been healthy last year of which was very important for him. Henry caught 4 touchdowns in 14 games and 60 passes for 613 yards. Unfortunately, Hunter Henry was quite underused because the Los Angeles Chargers brought a very aggressive and assertive rookie, named Justin Herbert. 

However, Hunter Henry decided to act as a key target late, which is essential to Joe Lombardi’s plan, new offensive coach.


Because of the pandemic, the National Football League salary cap is somewhat smaller than expected. It means that it’ll probably cause problems for most high-priced veterans when the final number is in. For that reason, the free-agent market will, without a doubt, be strong and vigorous, although the start talent is restricted. Moreover, for bettors, keep in mind that the best age for NFL free agents is between 26 years old and 28 years old because they are normally the rising players. Betting on ascending players is much better than players who are going down.


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