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One Potential Cut Candidate For Each NFL Team

Geno Atkins a potential cut option for the Bengals
Could the Cincinnati Bengals cut ties with Geno Atkins? The team has made him available for trade, but we are not sure if anyone is calling for the veteran at this point.

By: NFLHeads2020

Arizona Cardinals: Robert Alford, CB

Savings: 7.5 Million

Alford has not played a regular season snap for the Cardinals, and would release a lot of money if he was let go.

Atlanta Falcons: James Carpenter, G

Savings: 4 Million

Carpenter is not a serviceable starting guard, and would save the Falcons some money if they were to cut ties.

Baltimore Ravens: Brandon Williams, DT

Savings: 7.4 Million

Williams is an OK defensive lineman in his own right, but he is costing the Ravens a hell of a lot of money and could probably be replaced easily enough in the draft or free agency.

Buffalo Bills: John Brown, WR

Savings: 8 Million

I really hate writing this because of my love for John Brown, but there is not a huge need to keep him at that salary, especially with the emergence of Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley as premium talents.

Carolina Panthers: Ian Thomas, TE

Savings: .5 Million

Not huge in the way of savings, but Ian Thomas just sucks.

Chicago Bears: Kyle Fuller, CB

Savings: 11 Million

Fuller has had two down seasons in a row, and is costing the Bears quite a lot of money. I am not saying the cut is likely, but it would probably make some sense.

Cincinnati Bengals: Geno Atkins, DT
Savings: 9.2 Million

Atkins has dropped marginally in play and has been very unhealthy down the stretch, a divorce seems likely.

Cleveland Browns: Sheldon Richardson, DT

Savings: 12 Million

Richardson is good, but extremely expensive. There will be other less expensive options available.

Dallas Cowboys: Anthony Brown, CB

Savings: 2.75 Million

Brown is an extremely lackluster cornerback who is burning a hole in a Dallas roster spot. Cutting him would allow the Cowboys to pursue a better option.

Denver Broncos: Von Miller, OLB

Savings: 18 Million

Is the upside worth it, especially with some questions popping up about Miller’s personal life? The answer might be no.

Detroit Lions: Joe Dahl, G

Savings: 2.9 Million

This one isn’t particularly necessary, but if the Lions really wanted to save some money, they could poach Dahl.

Green Bay Packers: Dean Lowry, DL

Savings: 3.3 Million

Lowry is not necessary on a team that has Rashaan Gary, Preston Smith, and ZaDarius Smith, and would save the Packers some cap space.

Houston Texans: Brandin Cooks, WR

Savings: 12 Million

This absolutely is a great idea, no dead money taken and they get to cut one of their most underwhelming players, all while saving 12 million bucks.

Indianapolis Colts: Jack Doyle, TE

Savings: 4.2 Million

I absolutely adore Jack Doyle, but at the moment they have plenty of tight ends, and Doyle seems to be the least wanted and used of all of them.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Al Woods, DL

Savings: 1.4 Million

It isn’t at all necessary to cut anybody, so why not Woods?

Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Fisher, OT

Savings: 12 Million

The Chiefs are in sneaky trouble, and cutting Fisher will save a lot of money, even if he has been improving from being a bust in his first couple years.

Las Vegas Raiders: Marcus Mariota, QB

Savings: 10.7 Million

Mariota will not surpass Carr, and at that salary there is not a need to keep him around.

Los Angeles Chargers: Mike Williams, WR

Savings: 15.7 Million

Mike Williams was somewhat better last year, but he has not lived up to the top 10 pick he was selected with. Williams could be cut and release a lot of money for LA to work with.

Los Angeles Rams: Kenny Young, LB

Savings: 2.2 Million

Ho-ly SHIT the Rams are so screwed and in cap hell. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of great cut options, but lopping off Kenny Young would help save up.

Miami Dolphins: Jesse Davis, OT

Savings: 2.6 Million

Davis is not a valuable asset for the Dolphins, and they would save a bit of money by cutting him.

Minnesota Vikings: Riley Reiff, OT

Savings: 13.5 Million

Reiff is pretty good but he costs a ton of money to keep around, cutting him would allow them to explore multiple venues, I think it would be worth it.

New England Patriots: Marcus Cannon, OT

Savings: 7.1 Million

Cannon will not be as necessary as he was in the past given that New England just made a trade for former Raiders star Trent Brown.

New Orleans Saints: Kwon Alexander, LB

Savings: 13.2 Million

The Saints have absolutely no choice, they are in such bad cap hell that they need to cut Alexander right now. If his upside doesn’t even match his contract, he is not worth it for the Saints.

New York Giants: Jabrill Peppers, S

Savings: 6.8 Million

Peppers has been… OK I guess. Cutting him would save New York some money and would not be too damaging to their secondary.

New York Jets: George Fant, OT
Savings: 7.4 Million

George Fant is an extremely mediocre offensive lineman, why he earns this much is beyond me. Fant should be gone and signed to a backup deal by another team.

Philadelphia Eagles: Derek Barnett, DE

Savings: 10 Million

Barnett is pretty good, but the Eagle’s cap situation is a mess, and they need to get some money back. 

Pittsburgh Steelers: Eric Ebron, TE

Savings: 6 Million

Ebron would help out the Steelers cap, and he is not huge for their offense so I bet he could be replaced easily enough.

San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo, QB

Savings: 24 Million

Take a nice long look at that cap number. The Garoppolo divorce has been hinted at multiple times, and if a trade is not done do not be surprised if Garoppolo is no longer in a Niners uniform.

Seattle Seahawks: Jarran Reed, DT

Savings: 8.5 Million

Reed has been very underwhelming recently, and I would not be surprised if he was cut in the very near future. Dunlap was way better than Reed, and he was cut to save money.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cameron Brate, TE

Savings: 6.5 Million

If the Bucs wanted to save some money, they would not be hurt by cutting Brate, who is sitting in the middle of a very crowded tight end room.

Tennessee Titans: Adoree’ Jackson, CB

Savings: 10.2 Million

Jackson has been extremely underwhelming after a promising career start, and if the Titans cut ties they can keep Malcolm Butler, who is much more proven as a starter.

Washington Football Team: Jon Bostic

Savings: 2 Million

Bostic is a solid starter, and to be quite honest there is no huge need to cut him, but if you really needed to he is an option.


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