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Draft Buzz: Catching up with Middle Tennessee WR C.J. Windham

C.J. Windham Middle Tennessee State
Middle Tennessee State University wide receiver C.J. Windham recently took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with NFL Draft Diamonds writer Jon-Michael Salter

It’s easy to like Middle Tennessee, Wide-out C.J. Windham. Off the field, he is a nice guy, a family man, and a leader. On the field, well, that is another story. that is when the nice guy, with his infectious smile, becomes an issue. For defenses and the opposition, alike. Blessed with the body type you look for in a wideout, strong hands, and the mid-set, that every ball is his. At 6’2 210 LBs, Windham, has the size coaches covet, along with a tenacity, that makes you question that nice guy comment. Sitting down with the Georgia product I got an opportunity to ask him about his game time mindset? who he was outside the helmet? and the pressures of playing college football?

“I would say outside of football, when I am away from it, I am a family man, that likes to have fun. Anybody that knows me, knows I like to dress. Got tons of shoes, always want to look good, as Deion said, you look good you play good, or something like that? (he says laughing) I am a fashion guy, I love to try new things. Check out new styles and stuff, but at the same time I am low-key, and to myself sometimes. I hang with my boys, we do our thing, relax, have fun, whatever. But really, that’s just when the helmet is off, but honestly, I am always thinking football.”

Moving Forward he touched on his on field playing style, and what he thinks he brings to a team?

“As far as what I bring to my team? A leader in the locker room, and a guy that shows up every day, and works his tail off. I don’t want to be outworked, and I don’t want to be the reason we fall apart as a team. So much goes into being game ready, and it all starts in the locker room. So as a team player, I make sure to keep things light. At the same time, I am always locked into things that need to be done. On the field, my style is the hard nose. I know the receiver is known as a dive style of player, but I am not that. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty and be a little nasty on the field. I am gonna work to be the best version of me out there. They are getting a grinder with me. A guy who is always ready for whatever comes, and is his brother’s keeper. Always have my teammates back.”

As far as on-field skill. Windham has clean route running, and a smooth transition in stride. What stands out in his game, is his willingness to block in the run game, or downfield. He really doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and has an edge to him. Tough over the middle in traffic, and capable of pulling away on deep routes, Windham, has a certain IT factor, you can’t help but love. I asked the young prospect, to self-scout. He spoke about the things he needed to work on?

“I feel like I could get better at all of it really. I mean even the things I do well can always be worked on. But I think if I had to pick certain things. I would say I could get even better with my routes. I mean, setting up the defense, and not tipping my hand on what I have planned. I want to be great at that. Also, I could get faster I think. I mean I am not slow, but I had a little injury thing a little bit back and I think maybe I am not as fast. I am working on that, and I am working on my footwork as well. So those things, but I will continue to work on everything I do. The only way to be close to the level I want to play.”

I spoke briefly with my scouting source about the prospect. Asking him his thoughts on the lesser known talent?

“I like his tape. I don’t love it all, but you know I rarely do. I think he does a ton of things well. He has some issues, but the good news is they are all things that coaching can fix. I think he can develop into a legit slot or a possession receiver. I think he has the potential to be a guy that could stick to a roster if given the opportunity. I mean maybe h stays longer in college and puts more on tape. That could boost him, but who knows at this point. I think given real-time he could be a guy who helps a roster.”

It is easy to like C.J. Windham. He has a swagger that people love and an infectious personality. Talking to him one time had me rooting for the kid. On the field, he has the potential to be a real difference-maker. He needs time to develop, and a few things to work on, but for the most part he has all the tools to be a guy that sticks. I always say watch the tape. Put it on and trust your eyes. You will see a guy that will fit on any NFL roster.

Damond Talbot

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