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Big Ten Football will return on October 24th!

Big Ten Conference Sued
Big 10 football is back! October 24 is the first scheduled game in the fall for the conference.

According to the Big Ten Conference, college football will return for their conference on October 24th, 2020.

“Our focus with the Task Force over the last six weeks was to ensure the health and safety of our student-athletes. Our goal has always been to return to competition so all student-athletes can realize their dream of competing in the sports they love,” Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren said in a statement. “We are incredibly grateful for the collaborative work that our Return to Competition Task Force have accomplished to ensure the health, safety and wellness of student-athletes, coaches and administrators.”

The Big Ten was getting a push from the POTUS himself. Donald Trump has been pushing hard to get the Big Ten to play football this season.

In ABC’s ‘The President and the People’ 90-minute special event where President Donald Trump took questions from members of the studio audience and host George Stephanopoulos, Trump mentioned the Big Ten and his desire to see that conference play football this fall.

“It is going to disappear, it’ll disappear,” Trump said. “I still say that. It is going to disappear George. We’re not going to have studios like this where you have all this empty space in between people. I want to see people. You want to see people. I want to see football games. I’m pushing hard for Big Ten. I want to see the Big Ten open back up for the football games. Let them play sports. But no, it’s going to disappear George.”

Well football is back for the Big Ten. What do you think?


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