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Nebraska football players are suing the Big Ten Conference for shutting down

Big Ten Conference Sued
8 Nebraska football players are suing the school because they shut down due to COVID-19.

According to a lawsuit, Eight Nebraska football players are suing the Big Ten Conference, requesting an order to invalidate the Big Ten’s decision to not play football this fall.

The Nebraska football players named in the lawsuit are Garrett Snodgrass, Garrett Nelson, Ethan Piper, Noa Pola Gates, Alante Brown, Brant Banks, Brig Banks and Jackson Hannah. They are seeking damages of 75,000 dollars or less and demand that the fall season is restored.

According to the lawsuit, it states “a case in which a powerful collegiate athletic conference contends that its student athletes have no rights.”

“Even though its decision significantly and directly affects the rights and opportunities of student athletes at its member institutions, the Big Ten has rejected calls for transparency and refuses to provide documents supporting its claim that a vote was taken or that a proper process was followed,”As a result of the failure of process, the Student Athlete Plaintiffs have been irreparably harmed.”

I am not sure how this will play out to be honest, but it is kind of interesting. I wonder what the courts will say. I am sure the school is going to say that they shut it down for the well-being of their students and athletes and I would like to believe that protecting one from sickness will probably trump football. We will see though!


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