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Top 3 Single Players From 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

We all watched Trevor Lawrence propose last week to his girlfriend taking him off the market but what about Justin Fields? Is he still available?

When a new player makes it to the NFL Draft, you’ll often see their girlfriends on their arm, celebrating the development. What you don’t see is all the work that these girls put in to cultivate the relationship that will keep them near some of the best athletes in the world. That’s why we’re going to give you the inside track on the top 3 single players from the 2021 draft class that you could get cozy with before they hit the big time.

What Is The Difficulty Of Dating Players From 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings

When you consider how few great football players are in the entire world, you can see why it is hard to date one. Aside from being sparse in population, the fact is that each of these guys has a certain kind of woman that he is looking for in terms of a romantic partner. That’s not the only difficulty, though. Other issues include the fact that some of the players are only active dating in their local community, the competition is fierce, and these men can be intimidating. All of these are reasons that an NFL prospect is hard to date. 

Top three NFL players who are now free: 

According to the latest news and rumors, here are the hottest potential draft picks that are now single and looking. 

  1. Justin Fields
  2. Ja’Marr Chase
  3. Dylan Moses

Each of these guys is talented and single. With the right situation, they might run into a romantic partner like you. Of course, there are many other guys looking to make the draft next year, but these are the ones that are most likely to make it. You could always try to meet single sports stars in college that have the potential to be great, even in other sports. 

Use dating sites – can’t hurt to try

With the chances of going to the same college of these guys being pretty low for the average gal, how are you supposed to “shoot your shot” with these guys? Well, one possibility is for you to try logging into a dating site that hosts these guys. Some of the dating services out there today tend to attract a more refined sort of individual. Users of oldcooldates believe that there is a chance of meeting a celebrity on dating sites. They know that people with high amounts of stress don’t want to deal with people who know who they are at their own school. A lot of them would rather interact with someone online where they have more control over the relationship. There have been many sports stars at the college, professional, and Olympic levels that have been discovered on dating sites. The potential anonymity is especially helpful for people at the professional level. However, people that are still rising stars will typically make themselves known. The bottom line is that a dating service can inflate your chances to meet eligible bachelors as they continue to rise in popularity!

Trying to associate yourself or date an NFL prospect can be an exciting experience, but it is also one that will be difficult. After all, these guys are looking to travel lightly because they never know what the future holds for them. Still, if you’re willing to try romancing one of these men, then your best bet could be an online dating site. Using sites like the one mentioned above, you could easily meet a partner from the world of sports. Don’t worry if you’re not immediately successful; it can take a bit to earn the trust of these guys, but it will be worth it!

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