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Pros and Cons of Playing Football at College

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Football offers plenty of opportunities from getting a scholarship to improving your health. It also has some disadvantages to be taken into account.

All students experience a lot of stress in college: you have to balance between your studies that include a variety of different tasks and activities, and your social relationships (if you have time for it at all). Being overloaded, you can ask someone, “Can you do my statistics homework?” but you still will experience high pressure of coming deadlines, exams, and projects. Sports become one of the best stress relievers in college: you get distracted from all your troubles and train hard to achieve great results within your team. One of the most popular sports becomes football: it is fun, gives a lot of opportunities, keeps you fit, and also allows getting a scholarship. However, it still has its pros and cons.

Benefits and flaws of college football

Many young people don’t have time for sports due to the high workload they get in classes (or at least they think they don`t). We live in the digital age where it is not a good excuse: you just find assignment writing help and delegate some of your tasks to have more spare time for other activities. Football opens many doors from you: from getting a scholarship to building a career in this field, so starting playing with your college team, you receive a lot of benefits. For example:1. It helps to build your portfolio

Today employers pay attention not only to the level of education and personal skills but also the ability of the candidates to go the extra mile. Playing football in college shows that you can effectively balance your training with academic performance keeping good results in both of these activities. Besides, it indicates that you are good for teamwork, deal with time management, and have some leadership skills. All these qualities make you highly competitive in the job market;

2. With football, you build relationships

If you lack some social skills, playing in a team, you will have a good opportunity to communicate and cooperate on achieving the same goal. You make friends with other members easily as you have the same interests and spend lots of time together. Such relationships usually go far beyond graduation;

3. It teaches you life lessons

Many former football players admit that it helped them learn many valuable life lessons. For example, such experiences include work ethic, teamwork, time management, discipline, responsibility, and adapting skills. Besides, you get more confident and committed concentrating all your efforts on reaching the goal;

4. It gives you financial aid

If you play college in high school, it can give you good chances to achieve a sports scholarship in college. Playing for your college team, you may receive different awards, recognition and even partial coverage of your tuition fees;

5. You keep fit

Last but not least, this benefit should be mentioned here. Regular training allows you to stay in shape, not putting extra effort and increase your endurance. Football also makes you healthier, impacting your cardiovascular system. 

Despite all these great things, there are still some challenges you may face when choosing to play football in college. For example:

1. Academic performance

Often players become so committed to the team that they prioritize it by putting away homework and missing lectures. It can negatively impact your academic performance and lead to dropping out of school. Playing football, remember that academics come first and it is necessary to maintain good grades and attend classes;

2. Risk of injury

This is a disadvantage of probably all kinds of sports. Playing football, you increase your risk to get injured a few times so you should be ready to possible broken bones, injuries, sprains and other unpleasant things impacting your health;

3. Strong discipline

Football requires teamwork and commitment. Besides, you should always feel competitive as there are many other people dreaming of replacing you in a team. Thus, you need to be disciplined, not miss your training, and not rest on your laurels. 

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