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College Football needs to move to the Spring, give COVID-19 time to weaken

Ivy League
If the Ivy League makes the decision to postpone their season until the Spring I think many college conferences will follow.

I know people want to watch college football. Shoot I myself want to have college football, but playing in the fall does not make too much sense at this time. I have my own feelings towards COVID-19, but I feel it will be safe to postpone the season until the Spring, would it be that hard? Not really.

COVID-19 cases have risen in at least 36 states. Not surprisingly, there continues to be a lack of consensus to willfully adopt mask wearing nationwide. We are still less than 1 percent of our population being affected by the sickness, but at this point, it is a growing concern for many.

So how can college football postpone their season and start it in the spring?

Well it is simple. Shut down school for the fall and continue online film study. Players can stay in shape, by working out and then start football in the spring. Let’s face it, the NFL can move the draft back. That is not a problem. The NFL Draft usually takes place in April. If we push back the college football season, the NFL can push back the draft. Let’s say we do the draft in early July that is more than enough time for college football to knock out a season and gives the NFL time to do the draft.

The draft happened this year at the end of April. The players are sitting at home itching waiting to play with their new teammates. Well this cuts down on that itching time. Players will be able to join their new teams earlier. This gives the teams a month or so to get the playbook down and just have the NFL cut two preseason games again.

Run the 2021 NFL season with 2 preseason games only. This allows an additional two weeks and the players will be happy.

At this point, it is either move football to the spring, or cancel the season. Morehouse and several other schools in Division 3 have already did this. Yesterday, the Centennial Conference cancelled football, which effects 10 teams. There are several FBS schools missing games and there is no real procedure for testing. So let’s wait. No rush as long as there is football right?

The presidential election will be over, the pandemic will have months to slow down, and we can still watch football. It would only push things back a few months. I think it is possible, and I would not be shocked if the IVY League is the first to make that decision today.

The Ivy League will make a decision on the season today, and I would not be surprised if they pushed the season back, and I would assume other conferences will follow suit.

Damond Talbot

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