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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Bryce Missey, QB, Pacific Lutheran University

Bryce Missey
Pacific Lutheran University quarterback Bryce Missey recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot.
  • Name: Bryce Missey
  • Height: 6’1”
  • Weight: 220
  • Position: Quarterback
  • College: Pacific Lutheran University 
  • Twitter: @misseybryce

What is the best restaurant in your hometown city? 

•  Amici’s Italian Eatery

When breaking down your film what will stick out? 

• My ability to fit balls into tight windows and accuracy

If you won the lotto, what is the first thing you would do with the money? 

• I would pay off my student loan debt, buy my parents a house, and start a college fund for my two younger sisters.

What has been your biggest failure? 

• To me a failure is something that has a negative impact on your life but also provides a great opportunity to learn. An example of this in my life was my knee injury. I was told I wasn’t going to be able to play the game I love again. After a lot of hard work I was back and stronger then before. Through this experience I learned that sometimes you have to “go through the fire” and fight through uncertainty to become an even better version of yourself on the other side.

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

• It would we hard for me to speak for my teammates but I can say I try to set a good example when it comes to competitiveness and always being available to my teammates on or off the field.

Who is the hardest working teammate on your team?

• I would say Ryan Flood, he is a senior TE for our team. He is the definition of a team first guy who is never afraid to do the tough work and “put his nose to the grindstone”.

What is your degree in, if you do not make it as a football player, what is your dream job? 

• I’m pursuing a degree in Business Administration with minors in Kinesiology and Data Science. I would love to be able to stay connected with the game in some way after my playing career is over, so maybe a career in the business aspect of the game or coaching is where I could see myself landing.

What is your coolest life moment? 

• At Russell Wilson’s passing academy I threw the ball so hard it went threw his hands and hit him in the face, which lead to me getting to have a conversation with the starting QB of my favorite team.

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What song would you sing at Karaoke night? 

• Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

If you could pick any actor to play you in a movie, who are you picking? 

• Tom Hardy

Who is your favorite football team? 

• My favorite pro team is the Seattle Seahawks

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

• You won’t out work me

What is your biggest fear? 

• Letting my teammates down

Who is the most underrated player in the NFL? 

• Gardner Minshew 

Take us through game day, How do you prepare? 

• We have our team meal and then from there I put my headphones on and start visualizing the game. I’ll head out to the field and start warming up and then get ready for kickoff. For me Game day is a time to have fun with your teammates since you prepared all week. Its the same game we have all played for years, just go out do your job and have fun with your teammates.

Do you have any hobbies? 

I like doing pretty much anything outdoors whether that’s hiking, camping, pick up sports or even just lawn games with friends and family. I also enjoy carpentry projects.

If you had to compare yourself to someone in the NFL, who would that be? 

• I would say my game is probably most similar to Gardner Minshew. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

• I would have to say my parents. They have pushed me in every aspect of my life and help shape me into the person I am today.

What motivates you to work hard?

• The fear of letting down my teammates. I work as hard as I can so that when I am put in a situation where others

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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