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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Interview: Joshua Wilkes, WR, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Joshua Wilkes UAPB
Joshua Wilkes the big and physical pass catcher from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot.
  • Name: Joshua Wilkes
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 190
  • Position: WR
  • College: University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
  • Twitter: @joshwilkes8

What is the best restaurant in your hometown city?

  • Town Tavern 

When breaking down your film what will stick out?

  • Route running & Attacking the ball

If you won the lotto, what is the first thing you would do with the money?

  • Invest in a non-profit for young boys between the age of 10-18. I would love to give the children something positive to do like play games and learn about sports.

What has been your biggest failure?

  • I don’t believe I have gone through any big failures in life because they all taught me lessons. 

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

  • My teammates would say my best quality is my dedication and drive to catch the ball. 

Who is the hardest working teammate on your team?

  • Paul Reeves because the entire team agrees that he sets the standard. 

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it?

  • Yes, Crazy legs. Back in high school one of my favorite coaches called me “Crazy legs” because of my speed and endurance to score a touchdown. 

What is your degree in, if you do not make it as a football player, what is your dream job?

  • My degree is in Physical education & I would like to open my own gym, where football training is offered to youth.

What is your coolest life moment?

  • My coolest life moment is watching my son Jaxon come into this world. He motivates me daily to work harder. 

What song would you sing at Karaoke night?

  • Survivor- Eye of the tiger 
Joshua Wilkes UAPB Pine Bluff

If you could pick any actor to play you in a movie, who are you picking?

  • Daniel Ezra (Spencer from All-American) because his personality and skill set. 

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Who is your favorite football team?

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?


What is your biggest fear?

  • Not accomplishing my goals in life. 

Who is the most underrated player in the NFL?

  • Lamar Jackson 

Take us through game day, How do you prepare?

  • Eat breakfast, listen to music, pre-game meals, pray and HIT THE FIELD. 

Do you have any hobbies?

  • Landscaping

If you had to compare yourself to someone in the NFL, who would that be?

  • Michael Thomas 


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