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Study says Five Star recruits are worth an average of $650,000 a year to major programs

Could you imagine being worth 650,000 dollars before you even played a college snap of football?

We have noticed debates over the years about college athletes getting paid, and some people are for it, while other complain. Well, a study performed at Ohio State University produced some pretty insane information.

The study found that top recruits are worth 650,000 dollars to the school, per year.

“There have been a lot of numbers put out there about how much college athletes should get under various compensation proposals,” said Trevon Logan, co-author of the study and an OSU economics professor. “The best recruits had a significant impact on team performance and their ability to appear in the most lucrative postseason bowls.”

Using Rivals recruiting rankings and data from the BCS era, the researchers found that a five-star recruit is worth an average of $650,000 a year for a major program. Four-stars net $350,000 while they said that two-stars “actually reduced revenue by about $13,000 a year.”

Also, “each five-star recruit still increased revenue by nearly $200,000 a year, when the team is competing for a National Championship, like Ohio State and Alabama.”

College athletes in Florida would be able to make money off their name, image or likeness under a bill overwhelmingly passed by the Senate recently.

The Senate voted 37-2 to allow athletes to be paid for use of their name or image, a practice that’s still not allowed by the NCAA. Florida is following the lead of California, which has a similar law set to go into effect in 2023.

“This is long overdue,” said Republican Sen. Rob Bradley, who noted that California and Florida are the first and third largest states in the country in population. “We send a very clear message to the NCAA, the SEC, the Big 10 — all these organizations — that we’re serious about doing the right thing when it comes to student athletes.”

Florida’s bill would take effect July 1, 2021, but how much will the student-athlete make? When you look at these numbers, should these five star recruits start branding themselves in high school? I mean, it is pretty interesting right? 650,000 dollars is a lot of money considering that is per year, meaning the school makes more than 2 million dollars off of one 5 star athlete if they stay all four years, and if they are on an Alabama it is over 3 million per year.

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