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Who were the XFL’s Top Performers for Week 5 on Saturday

Colby Pearson of the New York Guardians had a great game in week 5 and he caught the attention of Draft Diamonds writer Justin Berendzen!


Phillip “PJ” Walker Houston Roughnecks 

Walker was awesome he was hitting Phillips and Holley on point. Walker had 351 pass yards and 3 touchdowns. He did throw 2 ints but was very good at hitting targets. Walker continues to be a superstar. 

Luis Perez New York Guardians 

Perez was decent and was really good. Perez only threw 1 interception but was solid otherwise with 229 pass yards and 1 touchdown. I think that the Guardians should keep starting Luis Perez. 


James Butler Houston Roughnecks 

Butler played well despite only having 52 rush yards. But he did have 2 Touchdowns and was really good. Butler should be enticing for NFL teams and I think looks kinda like James White. 


Nick Holley, Sam Mobley and Cam Phillips  Houston Roughnecks 

The three headed wr monster for the Roughnecks was in full force and played awesome. Holley had 72 recieving yards and 1 touchdown. Sam Mobley had 95 recieving yards and threw a pass for 42 yards. The real Cam Phillips was back and was awesome with 122 recieving yards and 2 touchdowns. If this wide receiver group keeps playing the Roughnecks are hard to beat.

Colby Pearson New York Guardians

We finally have a Guardians wide reciever on the performers. Pearson  finally stepped up and was a decent target for a Guardians QB. Pearson had  95 recieving yards and 1 touchdown.  


Guardians Offensive Line 

The Guardians offensive line played really well. They gave up zero sacks. If the Guardians offensive line keeps playing this well the Guardians will do well. 


Jacquies Smith and Anthony Johnson Sr. Seattle Dragons 

Smith had 2 tackles, 1 assist and 1 sack. And then there’s Anthony Johnson Sr also known as The Gut who I interviewed who had 1 tackle and 1 sack. These guys need to keep getting to the quarterback and then the Dragons will be very tough defensively.

Ryan Mueller, Toby Johnson and Cavon Walker 

Walker was a beast with 5 tackles,2 assists and 2 sacks. Mueller had 1 tackle and 1 interception that he returned for a td. Johnson also had a interception. These guys keep playing well especially Walker who has been so good. 


Beniquez Brown and Demarquis Gates Houston Roughnecks 

Brown was a really good again with 7 tackles and 2 assists. Gates was great had 4 tackles,1 assist, 1 sack and 1 forced fumble. These 2 guys keep playing really well NFL teams will want these guys. 
Steven Johnson, Nyles Morgan and Nick Temple Seattle Dragons 
These guys all played really well. Johnson had 8 tackles and 1 assist. Morgan had 5 tackles and 2 assists. And Temple had 6 tackles and 1 assist. These guys especially Steven Johnson have been solid.

Frank Ginda and Ben Heeney New York Guardians 

These 2 had some very good play against the Renegades. Ginda had 4 tackles, 2 assists and 1 sack. Heeney had 7 tackles and 1 assist. 


Jordan Martin, Marko Myers and Tyson Graham Seattle Dragons 

These guys all had good games. Jordan Martin had 8 tackles, 1 assist and 1 interception. Marko had 4 tackles and 1 interception. Graham had 7 tackles and 3 assists. The Dragons secondary is so good they always have different guys play well.

Josh Hawkins  Dallas Renegades 

Hawkins played well for a team that had a lack of positive stuff. Hawkins had  3 tackles, 1 assist and 1 interception which was Perez’s only mistake. Hawkins showed that he can be a good DB and NFL teams should want him 

Special teams player of the week 5 Saturday 

Austin Walter Dallas Renegades 

Walter had a 97 kickoff return td. Walter showed that he has ability to be a kickoff returner in the NFL. Really the only great play on offense or special teams for the Renegades.

Kicker of week 5 Saturday 

Matthew McCrane New York Guardians 

McCrane has had 2 good weeks in a row. He had makes from 46,39,26 and missed none.  NFL teams that need a kicker should go after McCrane. 


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