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Will Antonio Brown Play Another Down Of Football During The 2019 NFL Season?

Will Antonio Brown play again this year? Odds favor him getting a shot.

Antonio Brown’s last two months have been insane, I mean I think any human being would go through some sort of anguish or depression. I mean he has been on several teams in the past couple weeks, and cut from all of them. He was traded by the Steelers, cut by the Raiders and now cut by the Patriots. If you add into the fact that Antonio Brown was also going to be a Buffalo Bill, this has been quite the circus.

Shortly after Brown was released by the Patriots, his agent Drew Rosenhaus issued a statement notifying all that his client was healthy and looking forward to his next opportunity to play in the NFL.

Rosenhaus was crushed by many for this post because many feel Antonio Brown need mental help. He has been through quite a storm and there is no doubt in my mind that he has struggled over the past couple months. Well, I wanted to know if Antonio would land on another team. I was thinking can a team really sign him now? He is super talented so you cannot say he is not good enough to play, like you did with Tebow and Kaepernick. Well, Adam Schefter is now reporting that Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus has already spoken to several teams.

After a report came out yesterday that Brown has interest from a few teams. They wanted information regarding his legal situation and the NFL’s investigation. I was looking online and I found that Brown does not have good odds to find a home in 2019.

Antonio Brown has +200 chance to play again in 2019 on Sports Betting Dime, while he has a -300 that he will not play this year.

What team would honestly take a flyer on Brown at this point? I am not sure there is a team willing to deal with him, can you think of a team?


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