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Tennessee Vols add a massive 325-pound player who can dunk a basketball (VIDEO)

Tennessee Vols massive defensive tackle is quite an athlete. Check out this video of him dunking a ball

The Tennessee Volunteers have had some big defensive lineman in the past, but their latest recruit is pretty athletic too. Elijah Simmons a 6-foot-1 defensive tackle from Pearl Cohn High School in Nashville, posted this video on Twitter of his one-handed dunk.

The crazy part is he then turned around and hurled the ball across the 90-foot court, sinking it in the other basket.

According to reports, Simmons weighed 350 pounds at the time and tried to prove to Vols’ head coach Jeremy Pruitt that he could dunk even though he didn’t reach his signing goal of 325 pounds. He is under the weight now, and will attend the Vols.


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