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NFL Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: DeMaria Walters, DB, Benedictine College

DeMaria Walters the defensive back from Benedictine University recently sat down with NFL Draft Diamonds

• Name: DeMaria Walters

• Height: 5’11

• Weight: 190

• Position: Defensive Back

• College: Benedictine College

• Twitter: @BabyOchoCinco85

Tell us about your hometown, and what you love most about it?

  • Oklahoma City, is one of the most relaxed cities around. My family being here is what I love most about my city, without them and the constant love and good time I don’t know if I’d love my city as much.

List these three in order of importance and why: Film Study,Strength and Conditioning and Practice?

  1. Film Study
  2. Practice 
  3. Strength & Conditioning 

What do you worry about, and why?

  • Being Successful, it’s a daily burden just to not fail at life

Give me an example of when you failed at something. How did youreact and how did you overcome failure?

  • I always feel like I fail at being the best me. I keep my head up high and get a tunnel vision on life and figure how to bounce back and really do me in order to stay positive and keep getting to the best I can be.

What do your teammates say is your best quality?

  • My ability to lead by example and my hands OF COURSE!

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?

  • **Sheldon Augustine by far from Langston University, he could take the top off of any defense. If the routes didn’t get you, he’d just blow right past you!

What would your career be if you couldn’t play football?

  • A coach, coaching the youth and getting youth to the next level some way some how using my marketing skills and connections to help minorities like myself get opportunities educational wise and athletically that they deserve.

Room, desk and car – which do you clean first?

  • I’d clean my room. You can’t start your day with a dirty room.

If there was a disaster and you could either save three strangersor one family member, which would you choose and why?

  • No one life is better than three but if it’s a disaster I’m not going to leave my little brother that I am probably with to find some strangers. I am saving him, FAMILY!

If you could be any television or movie character, who would yoube and why?

  • MARTIN, I feel like that’s just me.

Tell me about your biggest adversity in life and how you’ve dealtwith or overcome it?

  • My biggest adversity would have to be to have started a minority group on a liberal arts, predominately white college campus. Many people didn’t want to see us succeed with the group and it taught me that there is still very much racism throughout the world today. Keeping positive and staying focus on the goal of helping people like myself and helping the school also I was able to travel, speak to youth and even get honored by my college.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

  • All I can say is….TINSELTOWN, smh

What was the most memorable play of your collegiate career?

  • Over Time in National Playoffs, 3rd and Goal on the 12 yd. line. We are up 7, pass goes in the air and I break it up. One play later we get a big defensive stop to go to the next round which led to us eventually going to the National Championship.
  • Or just my First college start at North Alabama in front of thousands of people. I still feel the butterflies.

What song best describes your work ethic?

  • Nipsey Hustle – Grinding All My Life

What is the most important trait you can have (Physical or NonPhysical) to help you succeed at the next level?

  • Technique, even though I’m not the tallest or the fastest, I work my tail off on my technique in order to perfect my craft. My technique and ability to be coach able are my biggest attributes.

If you could bring one person back from the dead for one day, whowould it be and why?

  • My Great Aunt Patricia, I just want one day with her in order to ask her all the questions that have been on my mind for the last years. Would be the best day of my life

If you were to open a dance club, what would you name it?

  • “Ocho’s”

Who is the most overrated player in the NFL? 

  • Definitely Malcolm Butler is one of the most

Would you rather be liked or respected, and why?

  • How’d the Queen herself say it?  R-E-S-P-E-C-T, everybody in life isn’t going to like you!

What player who had his career derailed by off-field issues do youfeel for the most and why?

  • Chad Johnson (OchoCinco)

Do you love to win, or hate to lose?

  • I just LOVE to WIN, 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and explain why?

  • My Mom, My Rock, without her I would be nothing, and I would do anything for her. Withougt her love and support I wouldn’t be able to be as successful as I am at this young of an age.
  • Also as of late the biggest influence is me influencing others. The way I have touched so many young people and guided them on roads that nobody else even cared that they went on is so warming to me. This is what drives me daily to become a better man, knowing there are so many kids that looking up to me and I can’t fail for THEM.

Damond Talbot

NFL Draft Diamonds was created to assist the underdogs playing the sport. We call them diamonds in the rough. My name is Damond Talbot, I have worked extremely hard to help hundreds of small school players over the past several years, and will continue my mission. We have several contributors on this site, and if they contribute their name and contact will be in the piece above. You can email me at

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