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Behind the Prospect: A Coaching Take on Widener University DT Vince Char

  • Coach Jason Henshaw
  • Assistant Football Coach (Head JV Coach/Defensive Line Coach/Creative Aspects/On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator) – Widener University
  • @coacHHeav

You have the chance to coach & be around who we believe is one of the most underrated players in the 2019 Draft class, Vince Char. What separates Vince from other players that you have been around?
  • What separates Vince from other players is his self-motivation and desire to be the best. Vince trains in the off-season for hours every day in the weight room and on the field without me having to tell him to do any of it. Vince pushes himself past his limits to become the best at his position. You pair his work ethic with his intelligence. size, and speed he is the ultimate defensive weapon . The other great part about him is that this is only his 4th year playing the position. His ceiling has yet to be reached!

What would you say is Vince’s greatest strength as a D-Lineman?

  • Vince’s greatest strength is his explosive power and ability to play all of the positions across the defensive line. His strength in the weight room translates directly to the field. Vince can play Defensive-End, 3 technique, 1 technique. and over top of the center while producing at each position.

What is the one thing you could assure NFL teams that they will get if they draft Vince Char?

  • If an NFL team takes a chance on Vince they will get a hardworking, loyal, and dedicated man. For Vince, football is his life and that is his focus all year round. No one works harder than him and he deserves a chance to show that he can thrive against higher competition. He is a Coaches greatest asset.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential NFL draftee, what is the one piece of advice you would give them during this process leading up to the Draft?

  • The one piece of advice I would give is to be your own worst critic. The greatest players I have ever come across are able to analyze their weaknesses and make them their strengths. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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