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2018 Top 5 NFL Draft Prospects by Position – Tight End

2018 Top 5 NFL Draft Prospects by Position – Tight End


Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State, 6′ 5″/247, Combine Results: 40/4.54, Bench/22, VJ/41.5″, BJ/10′ 9″.  In 2017, Mike had 57 Receptions for 563 Yards, with a 9.9 YPC average and 9 TDs.  Mike is a very athletic Tight End who has excellent speed, strength, and power.  He excelled in the Combine while performing an impressive Vertical of 41.5″, and Broad Jump for his size.  Gesicki has very good, strong hands.  He can separate easily from Linebackers and Safeties.  He’s a large target for Quarterbacks, and excellent Red Zone threat.  Has the skills to run various pass patterns. Creates mismatches for Linebackers.  Can make double route moves downfield.  Plucks ball out of the air with hands.  A top 15 NFL Draft pick.  May have Pro Bowl potential.  Blocking skills are limited for NFL.

Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina, 6′ 4″/250, Combine Results: 40/4.67, Bench/DNP, VJ/31.5″, BJ/10′.  In 2017, Hurst had 44 Receptions for 559 Yards, with a 12.7 YPC average and 2 TDs.  Hurst is an athletic Tight End who has good speed and very good hands.  Doesn’t drop balls.  He is an effective seam and underneath route runner who has a fearless style of play.  Can separate and get downfield.  Has burst after the catch, and runs very well with the ball in his hands.  He can gain extra yardage with his elusiveness after the catch and in open field.  A versatile Football player who can line up anywhere and make receptions and plays.  Will be a 25-year-old rookie in NFL.  Has the ability to present a mismatch for Linebackers.  Shows route directions to defenders at times.  Willing blocker who must improve blocking skills in NFL.  Had good reception yard average per catch.  Maybe second or third Tight End taken in Draft.

Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma, 6′ 5″/256, Combine Results: 40/4.67, Bench/17, VJ/31″, BJ/9′ 5″.  In 2017, Andrews caught 62 Receptions for 958 Yards, with a 15.5 YPC average and 8 TDs.  Won John Mackey award in 2017 as most outstanding College Football Tight End.  Great size and good speed for Tight End.  Had very good average per reception in College.  Caught high volume of receptions and yardage in College.  Has movements of Wide Receiver.  Very good route-runner who catches the ball well in traffic.  Can present mismatches for Defensive Backs.  Makes route adjustments in stride.  Good athletic ability, body control, and positioning.  Has the ability to make double route moves.  Drives back for under-thrown balls.  Lacks blocking skills for NFL.  Doesn’t block for the running game.  Could be more aggressive for the position.  Doesn’t make good use of hands.  Has upside to be a quality NFL Tight End.

Dallas Goedert, TE, S. Dakota State, 6′ 5″/256, Combine Results:  40/DNP, Bench/23, Pro Day: VJ/35″, Pro Day: BJ/10′ 1″.  In 2017, Goedert caught 72 passes for 1,111 Yards, with 7 TDs.  Walter Payton Award finalist in 2017 College season.  Goedert has sure, strong hands to snag the ball in the air.  Has highlight film of acrobatic, one-handed catches.  He uses body positioning very well to shield the ball from defenders.  Can present a mismatch for Linebackers in coverage.  Makes good adjustments to the ball in the air.  Has speed and moves to get downfield to all levels.  Shows physicality in route patterns.  Could be more convincing in route moves and patterns.  Occasionally, gives away route direction to defenders.  Can be sloppy with the ball in hands.  Has the size and aggression to be good NFL blocker.  An official 40 time would be welcome as indicated after injuries healed.  Has improved his blocking in College.

Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana, 6′ 4″/259, Combine Results: 40/4.74, Bench/DNP, VJ/36″, BJ/10′ 3″.  In 2017, Thomas caught 25 receptions for 376 yards, with a 15.0 ypc average and 5 TD’s.  Thomas has very good size and the necessary speed for NFL success at the Tight End position.  He’s very talented with only limited experience at FBS level.  Thomas played two years of Community College Football prior to attending Indiana.  He has an NFL body with good speed and a solid frame.  He has the ability to separate from defenders.  Has a physical presence.  Can run very good seam routes.  Has an effective stiff-arm to keep tacklers at bay.  He’s a willing blocker who has the ability to become effective NFL Tight End blocker.  Has a tendency to round off pass patterns.  Can be too physical with the ball in hands, instead of utilizing elusiveness to separate.  Must continue to develop NFL route tree.  Has the ability to become an NFL starter.

Jordan Thomas, TE, Mississippi State, 6′ 5″/265, Combine Results:  40/4.74, Bench/16, VJ/27″, BJ/9‘ 3″.  In 2017, Thomas caught 22 receptions for 263 Yards, with a 12.0 YPC average and 3 TDs.  Thomas has great size and the surprising athletic ability for his size.  Drives hard into and out of his route moves.  Can become a mismatch for Linebackers in coverage.  Has the ability to muscle out smaller Defensive Backs.  Lacks refined ball skills.  Will need to work on NFL route tree development.  Some NFL Scouts are intrigued by his potential.  Will be drafted in the mid rounds.

This article was organized by former Pro Football Scout James Watkins who is one of our go-to guys in the NFL. 


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