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Champ Bailey says he hopes Wes Welker retires; Says he is Scared for him

Champ Bailey is one of the best corners to ever suit up, but he has respect for a former teammate of his. That player is Wes Welker. When he was asked in an interview about Welker, Bailey said he was scared for him.

I don’t want Wes to play for my own personal reasons. I’ve seen him get concussions. It scares me,” Bailey said on FOX Sports. “I think he can still play, but I don’t want him to play because of these concussions.

“This thing is no joke. It’s a serious thing when you start talking about your head. And for him to have to worry about that at a young age that he is now, he has to think about those years to come, and I just hope he hangs them up and not strap it on again.”


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