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Do you think the NFL referees do cheat?

I want to know what you all think?

I am a huge football fan, and I cannot think in my little mind that the NFL or a referee would lower himself to the level of a criminal to cheat a football team out of a game.

Well tonight it seems like half of twitter feels the NFL is rigged and the other half just feels like the refs missed a call.

Well let’s go through a few things that make the NFL look rigged.

The Bills against the Broncos game earlier this year showed two refs giving one another a fist bump when CJ Anderson scores a touchdown. This looks really bad from a fans point of view. You see two men that are supposed to have integrity fist bump one another. It seems strange.

Today the referees picked up a flag that was an obvious pass interference call. You be the judge.

The let’s not forget the fail mary. The play that could have been called either way, but many felt it was rigged. Well this game did have fake refs so you cannot really count it.

Many feel refs need to make every call, but what they fail to realize is there are 22 players on the field at once. You technically only really have 7 refs. They cannot see everything, but do you think a ref would cheat?

I want to know your honest opinion.


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