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NFL needs to inherit the NCAA Overtime Rules

nflThe NFL changed its overtime rules in 2012 so that a field goal on the first possession of overtime wouldn’t win the game, and as a result ties are more common now: There had only been two ties in the previous 14 seasons before the NFL adopted that rule change, but now we’re averaging a tie per season, with one tie in 2012, one in 2013 and our first tie of 2014 on Sunday.

It is truly horrible to watch a team walk off the field and know they just tied their opponent. This is football, men beating men for 60 minutes, there has to be a winner.

NCAA has some awesome rules for overtime, the games are more exciting, high scoring, and they keep the fans eyes glued to the television. Yesterday’s ties between the Bengals and Panthers is horrible to watch. Two teams leave with a 1 besides their normal record.  I am sorry, but this needs to change. The NFL is the only professional sport to have a tie. The NHL adopted the shoot-out, MLB has extra innings and will go until a team wins, and the NBA continues overtime until one team wins. I am sorry, but this tie crap needs to stop, just let the teams keep playing and shooting out.  It will be way more exciting for the fans and our Fantasy teams.


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